‘The final list’, Chris Pratt leaves cold with an action series that recycles the latest Amazon hits

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Prime Video has found a way to distance itself from the competition in the fierce war waged by streaming platforms. With shows like Jack Ryan Y reacher and movies like The Tomorrow War Y No regrets (two original Paramount productions that the company bought in the face of the coronavirus crisis in theaters), Amazon has specialized in action stories for middle-aged men. the final list she is the last to join the club. Unfortunately, she does it with disappointing and, what is worse, boring results.

there were a lot of expectations with a series that celebrated its world premiere at the latest edition of the Montecarlo Festival. Chris Pratt has carefully cared for his return to television after Guardians of the Galaxy Y Jurassic World would take him away from the environment in which he had been forged as an actor in series such as Everwood Y Parks & Recreation. The actor and executive producer fought for the rights to a book of Jack Carr even before its publication and convinced Antoine Fuqaits director in The seven magnificentsto be released on television.

With that pedigree, it was hard to fail. However, the first season (composed of eight one-hour episodes that hit the platform on July 1) leaves a bitter feeling in the audience that is not part of the target audience of stories created by authors such as Tom Clancy and all the substitutes that followed in the 90s. Perhaps Carr’s stale approach is better suited to America. (the author is famous in right-wing media circles), but the final list it turns out to be a succession of red alerts for a more European and less reactionary viewer.

Pratt plays James Reece, a SEAL who returns to the United States after his entire Marine platoon is killed in an ambush during a high-stakes operation. The soldier returns home to his family with conflicting memories and questions about his guilt. Little by little, Reece discovers dark forces working against him, endangering his life as he knew it until then.

The premise of the final list powerfully reminiscent of No regrets, a star vehicle at the service of Michael B. Jordan that also had as its main ingredients a conspiracy, a family tragedy and an institutional conspiracy. If Stefano Sollima’s film stayed halfway and recalled better times of the genre, the series further dilutes and lengthens that feeling for eight long hours. Not even Fuqua’s first foray into television shines beyond the showy set-piece with which the series starts and that reappears again and again in the protagonist’s nightmares.

So far there is plenty of the series developed by David DiGilio (the miniseries Traveleralso built on a conspiracy, was much more entertaining and enjoyable despite its humble ambitions) is in the use of violence. no trace on the final list of the affable hero Pratt has immortalized on the big screen with characters like Starlord and Owen. Reece is caught up in a wave of blood and destruction that allows the actor to show a darker side. It doesn’t matter: the character’s lack of humanity ends up turning against a performer as charismatic in comedy as he is limited in the rest of the registers.

Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch in 'The Terminal List'.

Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch in ‘The Terminal List’.

Pratt is not the only culprit. It’s hard to side with a character who reacts inhumanely. when tragedy makes an appearance in his life. Reece’s fall into hell gives rise to scenes that will leave in shock the audience that has come there for the movies for all audiences of its leading star. Sequences like the interrogation of Sean Gunn in the third chapter or a graphic murder in the following episode take the series to unexpected and, at times, problematic territories.

It also doesn’t help the series’ tendency to squander its notable supporting cast., from Riley Keough as Reece’s wife to Taylor Kitsch as his best friend and Constance Wu as the journalist with whom he forms an unexpected alliance. The only character who fits the puzzle is the enemy played by Jai Courtney (using the word villain with a protagonist like Reece would be too risky), a figure who brings order to the gibberish of a conspiracy that is more confusing and boring than interesting.

Thanks to its commitment to a star director and actor, a fashionable genre and its high budget, it is more than likely that the final list find a massive audience at its premiere on Prime Video. What is a mystery is whether they will be willing to forgive the many mistakes of a proposal as old as it is disappointing.

The complete first season of ‘The Final List’ is available on Amazon Prime Video from July 1.

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