The filming of “Fast and Furious” continues in Turin, amidst problems and spectacular scenes

Turin: capital of Piedmont, a city rich in history, charm and culture which, in the last period, is being (re) discovered by many people, Italian and non.
In the month of May, that city has indeed hosted three major events: L’Eurovision Song Contestwhich made Turin the european capital of music, with its long and ancient streets crowded with singing tourists; the Tour of Italywhich passed through the city on May 21 last and, finally, starting on the 26th of the same month, the shooting of the film “Fast X“, Tenth chapter of the flourishing saga of”Fast and Furious”Which grossed over $ 6 billion.

An event, the latter, which caused quite a few mobility problems, consequently unleashing the ire of motorists: many detours, roads reduced to a minimum, traffic on total tilt; “more than an hour to do a kilometer“, Was the most widespread complaint among the local population, immediately followed by regret for “Having been happy that a film was being shot in Turin“.
After all, there was also a little to be expected, but what slowed down the already engorged traffic even more was the huge crowd of onlookers who poured through the streets of Turin in order to assist even partially in the filming. ; little, indeed, very little, was worth the intervention of the traffic police, whose number reduced to just about twenty was not able to cover the vast area concerned.

fastX set
A scene on the set

Not only inconvenience, however: the filming of “Fast and Furious“Have in fact given some truly spectacular moments: flames, skidded, epic pursuits have been on the agenda for four days in Turin. The first day of shooting – the one most criticized from the point of view of the car blockage – ended with a car literally thrown over the parapet of the Umberto I bridge, located on the Po; on the second day, however, a gigantic demolition sphere has gutted a bus in Corso Fiume. All controlled and wanted, of course, but the video shot by a curious and posted on social media still makes you feel a shiver down your spine.
In the following days the story was more or less always the same: fights, wild races, carabinieri cars crashed everywherelike the one that, on Saturday 28 May, – also in this case voluntarily, let us remember – overwhelmed the parked vehicles and then crashed into a tree.

Filming on “Fast X” will last until June 6: who knows how many other amazing events in full “American cinema” style will attend Turin and its Torinesi …

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