The daughter of Ben Affleck, has in Emme the best ally in her adolescence

After Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck resumed their relationship, both began to gradually bring their respective children closer together so that they could meet and live together, because with their next wedding they will spend a lot of time under the same roof. What ‘Bennifer’ nor her children imagined was the great bond that the boys would build, specifically EmmeJLo’s daughter, and Seraphin Rose, Ben’s middle daughter. The relationship almost of sisters and accomplices will surely be strengthened, after Emme identified herself a few days ago under non-binary gender.

Jennifer Lopez©GrosbyGroup
Jennifer Lopez respects her daughter’s gender identity

Emme, 14, defines herself as a non-binary person, according to her own mother. As for Seraphina, 13, her parents have not spoken publicly about her identity, but the truth is that JLo and Ben’s daughters get along very well and have been photographed by paparazzi on several occasions exchanging laughs, joking , conversing; like any pair of teenagers building a friendship.

Emme, daughter of Jennifer Lopez, with Seraphina, daughter of Ben Affleck©GrosbyGroup
Emme, daughter of Jennifer Lopez, with Seraphina, daughter of Ben Affleck

In fact, if their parents get married, they would become stepsisters, and best of all, they have a lot in common and are going through the same stage of growth, as well as exploring their identity. But that is not the only coincidence, since both have a similar style to wear, with garments oversized and inspired looks boyish, as well as its image; both wear short hair to feel more comfortable.

As for their childhood, they both know what it’s like to live in the spotlight with famous and divorced parents. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, parents of the twins Emme and Max Muñiz, separated in 2011, that is, when the children were three years old. As for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, the actors ended their marriage in 2015, when Seraphina Rose was six years old.

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