The best products to get laminated eyebrows with just makeup

The trends in the world of eyebrows manage to conquer us and change our appearance much more than we think. The brow shaping power on our face is key because it frames the look and can rejuvenate us and favor us or achieve just the opposite. They currently send laminated and bushy eyebrowsbut how do you get them?

Many young girls can adapt their eyebrows to this eyebrow rolling trend No problem. But older and mature women who have gone through extreme waxing or have started to lose some hair find themselves in need of filling in their eyebrows to achieve that voluminous, natural and bushy look.

The market, which quickly adapts to trends, already has a multitude of products that make up and comb the eyebrows to achieve that much-demanded laminated effect. Not only can you get it by going through the beauty salon with treatments such as microblading, microshading and laminating.

We tell you what the most interesting products are so you don’t have to do these famous semi-permanent treatments. So you can be the one who decides when and to what extent do you fill in and laminate your eyebrows.

Makeup for eyebrow rolling

Too Faced Fluff & Hold Laminating Brow Wax

Fluff & Hold Laminating Brow Wax by Too Faced allows you to regain full control over your eyebrows, especially if they show curly and rebellious. Its formula in the form of liquid wax adds volume and texture. Provides total control for perfectly polished brows with just the right amount of hold.

This product was born already inspired. One, through the brow lamination technique, a kind of eyebrow ‘perm’ that allows the hair to be shaped thanks to a chemical solution that contains keratin. And two, for its ‘tiktokera’ and low cost option, the very popular soap brow trend (soap eyebrows) in which they use a transparent bar of soap as a fixative.

You can buy it for €25.99, only at Sephora.

Precisely, My Brow Pencil, by Benefit

Benefit has one of the most comprehensive and exciting ranges of eyebrow products on the market. East ultra-precise pencil It is used to define and draw the eyebrows in just one pass. Its ultra-fine lead allows you to draw lines that mimic the hairs of the eyebrows, to achieve a surprisingly natural result.

It is a pencil with a built-in grip for easy holding, high pigmentation (with six easy shades to choose from), 12-hour hold and waterproof. Then brush and guide your eyebrows with the built-in brush. The tip of the experts is to complete the eyebrow makeup with their Gimme Brow+ colored gel to give more volume.

My Brow Pencil is worth 29.99 euros and Gimme Brow +, 29.99 euros.

Brow MVP Fenty Beauty

laminated eyebrows

It’s a clear, universal wax in an easy-to-use brow pencil with an ultra-long-wear, waterproof, sweat-resistant formula that gently sculpts and disciplines the brows. Rihanna’s brand, Fenty Beauty, has developed the formula to work for all skin tones and all brow colors. Sculpts and defines the eyebrows without leaving residue, cracking or splitting.

Get tamed and laminate your eyebrows instantly and create your own look, whether you want them perfectly coiffed or feathered. Plus, thanks to its smart chisel tip and integrated applicator brush, styling your brows becomes child’s play. “I am very picky about my eyebrows. I wanted to create a wax that would help me customize my brows to my liking without making them sticky or stiff. Mission accomplished!” explains artist Rihanna.

Brow MVP from Fenty Beauty costs 19.99 euros.

Main photo: Instagram Cristina Pedroche

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