Superman could have a cameo but not in the way that fans expect

We are all waiting to see the confrontation between Black Adam against the Man of Steel. And it seems that Superman himself could have a cameo in Black Adambut in a way that fans will like.

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superman in Black Adam…but without Henry Cavill?

Since it was announced, one of the marketing strategies of Black Adam has been to present how powerful and dangerous the character was. In fact, the very phrase that Dwayne Johnson has repeated on numerous occasions has been: “The hierarchy in the DC universe is about to change.” Therefore, many fans have been waiting to see this new antihero face to face against the very Man of Steel, Superman. And that could be close to happening, but not in the way that fans would like.

According to a recent report from a test projection of Black Adam, the film would indeed feature a Superman cameo. However, once again, we would not see Henry Cavill reprise his role in the DCEU. Instead, we would once again see a faceless or shadowy Superman like the one we saw in Shazam! Y peacemaker. In this way, yes, the character would appear in the film but without being the actor himself, which will most certainly provoke the anger of many fans who so much hope to see these characters face to face.

The truth is that Henry Cavill has revealed on numerous occasions his desire to return as Superman. However, for some reason, the actor hasn’t finished securing his return as the character in any of the character’s appearances in different DCEU projects. The exact reasons for his absence are unknown, although there could be several: from Cavill’s extensive contract with Netflix for The Witcher to differences between the actor with Warner. All of this on top of DC’s supposed desire to replace this Superman with the Supergirl from TheFlash.

Henry Cavill is waiting for a call from Warner to return as Superman

Also, remember that there are several Superman projects in development. In addition to Superman & Lois, there is the film produced by JJ Abrams with the script Ta-Nehisi Coates that would have a more open adaptation of Kal-El. And finally, Michael B. Jordan is developing the Val Zod series for HBO Max. In none of these plans would Cavill’s Superman enter. However, with the new direct from Warner Bros-Discovery, many changes could come within the continuity of the DCEU, so nothing is certain. We will have to wait longer to learn more about the future of the DCEU and Henry Cavill as Superman.

And well reader, what do you think of the supposed cameo of Superman in Black Adam? Let us know in the comments.

Black Adam It hits theaters on October 21. The film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and stars Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Shahi, Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, Quintess Swindell and Pierce Brosnan.

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