Simon Cowell threw a hint? for Disney and Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: “It would be cheaper”

The rumor that spreads about the new proposal of 301 million dollars that Disney Could Make Johnny Depp Play Jack Sparrow Again in the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean. In this sense, there are artists who consider that it is a very strong investment of money, among them the judge of Britain’s Got TalentSimon Cowell. Apparently he would have sent a hint to the production housereferring to the fact that hiring dogs would be cheaper than bringing Johnny back.

Britain’s Got Talent It is about people who go in front of a jury to show their artistic talents and be selected for the program. On this occasion, it was a woman who put on a show with her two dogswith a theme of the tapes starring Depp: the stage was completely characterized as a pirate ship, like the participant.

Pirate Dogs Feature on Britain’s Got Talent

It was a dog whisperer, made his two pets do stunts to the rhythm of the soundtrack of this saga, while she directed them dressed as a pirate and giving them directions only with her hands. The judges were delighted, especially Cowell, since he even gave the idea about a possible new twist of these films.

“I mean, amazing, if i were disney and i was watching this i would Pirates of the Caribbean Dogs. It would be cheaper and a new version of the movie”, was the first comment of the also producer, and which the fans interpreted as a hint towards the millionaire contract that the popular production house could offer Johnny after he won the trial for defamation against Amber Heard.

Simon was completely surprised with the abilities of the dogs, so much so that he even said that he had never seen a dog with so much energy throughout his existence: “Dogs could be pirates, that would be brilliant from the first second. I have never seen a dog so excited in my life,” she concluded.

Simon Cowell Discusses Johnny Depp’s Disney Contract

Although in his criticism of this woman’s show he did not mention the name of the actor from fantastic animals, many interpreted it as a hint to both him and Disney. Apparently, it would be a better idea for him to hire several puppies instead of making merits for Depp to return.

It must be remembered that at the end of 2018, the screenwriter of Pirates of the Caribbean, Stuart Beattie, reported that Depp would not step on a set of the saga again after the accusations of domestic violence that Amber Heard perpetrated against him. Consequently, once the celebrity obtained the verdict of the jury in the defamation trial against his ex-wife, it seems that the network wants to apologize to him.

And it is that it is necessary to remember that during his testimony in the court of Fairfax, Virginia, Johnny was questioned on whether he would play Captain Jack Sparrow again for a $300 million contract: “If Disney came with 300 million dollars and a million alpacas. Nothing in this world would make you go back and work with Disney on a Pirates of the Caribbeancorrect?” Amber Heard’s attorney asked. Given this, the actor said that he would never do it in his life, since Disney didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt when headlines in the major newspapers accused him of being a “wife beater.”

Johnny Depp shared his first video on TikTok

In that sense, Mickey Mouse’s house would consider giving him an additional million dollars as retribution and apology for not believing in him. This means that, as Johnny assured that he would not return even for 300 million dollars, the Disney moguls will now seek to offer him 301, one million more than what Amber’s defense questioned him in his cross-examination. And not only that, but they could also present him with a large sum of money so that he can donate it to the charity of his choice, according to reports. Poptopi.

It will suffice wait to find out if the famous captain will return to the big screenor if Disney will find it necessary to replace it.

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