Shakira and Piqué, there is a backstory about their goodbye

Speaking was the ex-boyfriend of the singer’s sister: that’s what’s happening

There is no peace for Shakira and Piqué who, after the confirmation of the end of their love story, are back again at the center of the main pages of the gossip column. In fact, in recent days, an interesting background has emerged that would concern their farewell. Let’s find out together what happened between one of the most loved couples ever.


Between Shakira and Piqué i problems they had already been there for some time and the player’s betrayal seems to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. To reveal this background was the ex-boyfriend of one of the singer’s sisters who released some statements to the Spanish magazine ‘EsDiario’.

As already anticipated, according to the young man’s words, between Shakira and Piqué the problems had already existed for some time. In particular i money and the singer’s dependence on her parents were the main factors leading to the end of the love story between the singer and the footballer.

shakira and pique

These were the words released by theex brother-in-law by Shakira to the well-known Spanish magazine:

She does nothing without her parents, they oversee much of her life […] Shakira told us that she understood that Piqué could be the father of her children, but never the husband.

singer and footballer

Shakira and Piqué, behind the break there would be an economic issue

According to the young man’s words, it seems that the footballer would have asked the singer for a large sum of money to open businesses in the Bahamas and Colombia. Too bad though that Shakira would have refused the proposal of the partner under the advice of his parents.

end of the love story

After the confirmation of the end of their love story, another point concerns the custody of the sons. According to the gossip pages, Shakira would like to move to Florida. The children, however, grew up in Catalonia and are very attached to grandparents paternal. We just have to wait for the next few days to find out how events will unfold.

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