Shakira and Piqué, she asked to try couples therapy. His answer? Disarming

The “prize” for the “couple broke out“Of the summer of 2022 without any kind of doubt must be delivered directly to Shakira and Piqué (with all the corollary of alleged lovers who in these sultry days are telling their versions of the facts). The couple, used to Grammy Award And Champions League, today he is dealing with a difficult “goodbye”. A few weeks ago on social media the Colombian singer had closed the controversy about her alleged separation with a “It happens to everyone “, followed by an official statement shared by both of them about the breakup of their love story. The last song released by the artist entitled “Happy you“In fact, he speaks of precisely this: a man, in the false and treacherous passage, to whom the woman in question feels like compliments. Song that seems to fully reflect the feelings that Shakira is feeling right now. Here’s what she said recently in an interview: “You think you are in a sincere relationship, but it’s not as real as you thought“. Here you then come to a crossroads. If the player is seen and immortalized in the nightlife of Barcelona for evenings we say “lively” in the clubs, the artist and mother of two children had to work out the betrayal. In the face of love, however, one cannot command. That’s why Shakira had always tried to put the pieces back together: the desire to protect the family and the 12 years of history together was there on his part. But only on the one hand, apparently. As revealed by Telecinco it seems that the 35-year-old player already in January would have decided to confess to the woman the evolution of his feelings. The breaking point would come at Christmas, however, when the family was in Orlando to spend the holidays. Upon returning from this trip, Shakira’s proposal a Piqué to start couples therapy. The player’s response seems to have been dry. Telecinco reveals: “” You proposed a couple therapy, but he refused because he didn’t want to fix anything, he did not want to continue with her “. We know the rest of the story all too well now. They would have been perfect for Temptation Island Vip! Pity.

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