Restaurants follow Starbucks technique to be in the eye of the user

  • Data from Brand Republic shows that Starbucks is the most engaged brand on social media.

  • Also, McDonald’s is the company with the largest brand worldwide according to a study by Kantar Millward Brown.

  • Writing a message to our clients can become a good advertising strategy that is achieved with a minimum investment.

A McDonald’s employee has chosen to improve the consumer shopping experience with the technique of Starbucks and other restaurants.

The fast food industry has managed to position itself strongly in the international market, where different restaurants are offering their respective star products to satisfy the hunger or craving of their customers, where some franchises have managed to expand their efforts better than others to achieve prevail in consumer preference.

According to Kantar Millward Brown study of the 100 most valuable global brands, we can find that among the strongest restaurant chains by brand value, during 2021, McDonald’s is leading, with 154 thousand 921 million dollars; in second Starbucks, with 60 thousand 267 million dollars; then KFC, with 18 thousand 189 million dollars, among other recognized franchises of international caliber, such as Subway, Domino’s Pizza or Chipotle.

This kind of positioning has not been achieved overnight “only” with the seasoning of its products, but a whole work of logistics, marketing, advertising and quality among endless other elements to contemplate come into play to bring the name of its brand around the world, where experience and customer service have played an important element to be taken into account.

According to the Zendesk Trends report, 57 percent of consumers say that customer service is one of the main attributes that make them trust a brandTherefore, providing a good shopping experience for customers is shown to be a vitally important element when determining the success of a company.

Taking into account that the attention and purchase experience of a customer are an important element to achieve consumer loyalty, a McDonald’s employee has chosen to do his part and be “romantic” by giving one of his clients a message with a poetic style.

This message written on the brand’s bag could be considered a “simple and unimportant” gesture in the eyes of people, but These types of “small” initiatives have shown their fruits over time… and some continue to add to this trend.

Currently there are endless strategies through which important brands have worked on the loyalty of their customers, even with considerable investments that, although they represent a considerable expense, also demonstrate their results and are carried out more and more, as well has shown it Cornershop by shipping some bottles of whiskey and beers to their customers; however, there is a particular strategy that, despite its simplicity, has managed to be a strong added value for one of the most relevant brands in the food industry: the “classics” Starbucks messages on their cups.

It’s no secret that Starbucks employees write the names of their customers and even some messages in the respective glasses of their drinks (sometimes wrongly), but why do they do it? Here we can find a type of value proposition that makes Starbucks grow in the sense of belonging of consumers, which also feeds in a certain way its brandingbut the presence it causes in the digital world can also be seen at a glance, where consumers from all over the world seek to share these messages with Internet users, making the brand gain a type of free publicity.

To take into account the level of conversation that this type of action generates, it would be worth looking at the Data of Brand Republic in collaboration with the agency social media jam with the 100 most mentioned brands on Twitterwhere Starbucks leads in first place with 3.37 million mentions in just 3 days and McDonald’s is in 27th position, with 45 thousand 340 (despite the fact that the hamburger company is very advanced in its brand value ).

Sure, this strategy works for Starbucks to increase the level of conversation around its brand in the digital world. possibly due to its positioning in the consumer’s mind, but this technique has also paid off for other restaurants, as we have seen with Caffenio and Vips (among other opportunities to explore.

@ elpachec000 Thank you 🤲🏻 #parati #fyp #humor ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

This type of initiatives or comments by users manage to feed the naming of these brands in the digital world, positioning it before the eyes of the respective followers of each of these accounts and thus propagate their name through the investment of 10 seconds of time, creativity and a marker, demonstrating that a “simple” message written on a bag can become good brand advertising.

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