Nintendo strengthens security measures after a wave of massive leaks

As planned, a new meeting of Nintendo with the shareholders. Well, now we get new details that have been shared in relation to this meeting.

As you know, the Japanese company has been the subject of a great filtration in recent years, as we have never seen in the Big N. We briefly remind you:

  • they leaked tons of assets of the company, and of decades of work (from the NES projects to the current games, confidential assets and documents were leaked).
  • Those leaks contained information about the iWhata trademark that Nintendo used in China for many years.
  • Many thought the leak could come from one of the companies Nintendo works with in China.

Well, one shareholder, who brought up the leaks, specifically mentioned this speculation, so shutaro Furukawa indicated that Nintendo has strengthened its security around its sensitive materialsalthough obviously without sharing the details of its protection methods.

This is the message he shared:

The PC and mobile gaming market in China is big, but the dedicated game console market is not. Together with Tencent, we want to keep popularizing them. We are working with experts on information leaks. We have also introduced information security management.

As you can see, Furukawa’s response was rather concise and quite hermetic, something that has characterized Nintendo for years, although in this case it makes a lot of sense.

What do you think?


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