new market bomb, despite the “fake” presentation

The myth is dissolved, built through audio Whatsapp forward seamlessly and the fans wait for a shot at the level of José Mourinho that does not arrive, the rumors about the possibility that a negotiation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Friedkin’s Roma they are based on the authoritative affirmation of a figure who, in Italian football, has more than credibility.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Roma, Di Livio’s indiscretion

Not the reference to the alleged presentation of June 29, of which there is no trace except those rumors also relaunched by Rai perhaps more as a social suggestion than anything else, but the mention of some sources not explicitly mentioned by By Livio according to which CR7 would be willing to evaluate the opportunity to move to Rome. An eventuality that would also be suggested by the meeting between Jorge Mendes and the ds, Tiago Pintoduring which Cristiano would also be on the table.

“I have confirmations from multiple sources that Roma are trying to sign Cristiano Ronaldo”, former footballer Angelo Di Livio allegedly said to Retesport, in the usual afternoon appointment during “1927”.

The former player of Rome, Fiorentina and Juventus has made what asserted more substantial with more circumscribed references:

“From what I learned in recent days, Roma are really trying to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and July 7 could be the date of the announcement of Cristiano in the Giallorossi”. “It is an indiscretion that is constantly circulating in the world of football. Many former footballers talk about it, many prosecutors say it. In addition, I happened to speak to a dear friend who works in the television sector and who learned of the Ronaldo negotiation from a very important manager of the Giallorossi club during a dinner a few days ago “.

Supply and demand: Ronaldo still away from Manchester UTD

What can be considered almost certain concerns the present of Cristiano, on holiday with his family in the Balearics: the desire not to give in to the project that sees him relegated to a marginal role in the new Manchester UTD.

And this despite his 37 years who, even in terms of performance, do not seem comparable to any other active player: Ronaldo is a champion, much and more than Leo Messi who at 35 has his raison d’être also at PSG.

The future between refusals and hopes

Another certainty are the goals: as claimed on several occasions, the Portuguese, even if at this point in his career, would still like to play in the Champions League.

But both the Bayern Monkwhich he had been approached by Brandbe the same real Madrid they would not be interested in the operation that as regards the engagement of Christian he would also like to bring an important theme, that of sustainability. From him, he would have rejected the proposal of theDavid Beckham’s Inter Miami and certainly not for issues related to the 27 million salary or image rights.

The Chelsea it would be the only club in the Premier League interested in giving space to the Lusitanian champion who decided not to fill the reserve role.

The Conference Cup on July 7 at the Olympic Stadium

Meanwhile, on July 7, the trophy of the Conference League will be exhibited in the museum of Olympic Stadium: the cup during the month of June toured five municipalities with the thanks of Rome to the Capitoline Community for having expressed its support.

And perhaps even in that circumstance there would then be hope, to dream with the arrival of a protagonist of international football still looking for a place in the sun before returning to the Sporting Lisbon.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Roma: the presentation "fake" does not extinguish the indiscretions, new bomb Source: ANSA

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