Natalie Portman shows the strength of the heroines with Mighty Thor

For Natalie Portman it was unreal to put on the suit mighty thorbecause I had been seeing Chris Hemsworth for 10 years (who gives life to Thor) wearing the same outfit, and he found it hard to believe that now it was his turn to put himself in the shoes of the God of Thunder.

And it is that the actress joins the list of female heroines who have graced the screen, such as Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman Y she-hulkwhich are making a difference in the way of conceiving the feminine strength in the films of the genre.

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“I am especially grateful for the imagination of casting a 5.3-foot-tall actress in the role of a six-foot-tall woman. It is probably something that I will not have the opportunity to do again with another team, ”said the actress at a press conference.

in this new film directed by Taika Waititi, which hits theaters on July 6, Thor embarks on a crusade to combat a murderer known as Gorr, the Butcher of Gods, played by the actor Christian Bale, who already gave life to the great Hulk on the big screen.

In Thor, Love and Thunder, the protagonist will have the help of the Queen Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) Korg (Taika Waititi) and Jane Foster (Natalia Portman), who in his attempt to fight the terminal cancer he suffers, acquires the powers of the God of thunder.

Consulted about the female image in the superhero tapesAngélica Contreras, spokesperson for Mujeres Vivas, Mujeres Libres, said that the way these heroines are shown arrives a little late in the cinema, because in the comics They have existed for years, but it has been thanks to the social movements of recent years that female narratives have also changed in culture and entertainment.

“We see ourselves reflected in the cinema as strong women, strategists, who make decisions and we can see ourselves super well, at the same time fighting for a common good. We are no longer as companions, girlfriends, or as the accessory, “she explained in an interview.

the activist She added that showing these characters with human problems makes female viewers identify with them, and shows that women cannot only be represented as objects of desire.

“That’s why it’s good that the black widow wave Wonder Womanand in general the new generations of heroines do not wrap their lives in romantic relationships, but also have a story.

Strong women in action

To play her part, Natalie Portman She underwent arduous training for 10 months, with the help of physical trainer Naomi Pendergast, who helped her increase her muscles.

For her, this work was very interesting, because in her opinion women generally seek to exercise to look smaller, and it was exciting for her to dedicate herself to building a stronger body.

“Having this opportunity was incredible, to explore a superheroine that he can be vulnerable and weak, and at the same time find strength in it to be more human, “he said, specifying that he was also able to verify the great effort that Hemsworth has made for 10 years to look strong in his role of Thor.

“It gave me a fresh perspective on what Chris has done, because I saw all the work he did, but I think he wasn’t aware of what it takes. He did not see everything that happened behind the scenes, the choreography and the training, it is three times the work that he did when he started as Thor.

to give life to Valkyrie, Tessa Thompson He also had special advice, and even learned horsemanship for the scenes aboard his Pegasus. “I felt really comfortable with stunts and wanted to push myself to get even stronger. That’s the work no one sees, and I hope it shows in my biceps,” she joked.

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In the separate interview, activist Angelica Contrerascelebrated the fact that cinema is open to showing diverse bodies, and moving away from the beauty stereotype of the extremely thin woman, although she highlighted the need not to lose sight of the fact that there are real women behind the characters.

“They should not always be perfect or as you see them, because they have just finished recording or their presentation tour, they return to being who they were and it should be clear to us that there is an opportunity to see each other in different ways,” she concluded.

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