Musk’s top 100 million followers

Elon Musk has just crossed the milestone of 100 million followers on Twitter. He is one step away from resuming Cristiano Ronaldo, then it will be up to Rihanna, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber and finally Barack Obama who leads the overall standings at 132 million. A matter of a few weeks and Twitter will have a new king.

Why Musk stops (for now) on Twitter

by Riccardo Luna

In fact, in the last month and a half Musk has gained 20 million followers, the former president of the United States just one. If Musk actually buys Twitter, he’ll buy the social network he is the most successful user of. This record does not come by chance.

Elon Musk has a problem. And it’s not Twitter

by Riccardo Luna

Musk grows most of all because Twitter uses him most of all. More: because also thanks to Twitter he has transformed his life into a reality show: every day he talks about himself, exposes himself, discusses, argues, jokes. It seems incredible that in the midst of all this tweeting you also find time to work and lead some of the world’s top companies like Tesla and SpaceX. On the contrary, the others are now practically silent and have entrusted the management of the profile to the press officers who make use of it algid and in fact promotional and therefore not very interesting.

I thought it was Elon but it was Brunetta

by Riccardo Luna

It was Musk himself a few months ago who noticed it, with a tweet of course, in which he asked himself: “Is Twitter dying?”, Precisely because the profiles with the greatest following were in fact inert. The truth is that Instagram and Tik Tok work much better for the so-called celebrities, Twitter instead remains the perfect social network for news. Musk managed to get hold of it only because he himself became the news: a few days ago one of the most important technology sites in the world relaunched a newsletter entitled “This Week in Elon”, which is what Musk did and above all said this week. It must be said that he did not choose the ideal week to leave: for the first time Musk has been silent for exactly one week. Will he be on vacation? Or will he have decided to close the reality show he had invented?

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