Minecraft – Wither: How to defeat one of the toughest and most complicated bosses in the entire game

The Wither is one of the most famous and difficult bosses in all of Minecraft. He turns out to be an extremely powerful monster and requires quite a bit of setup time if one (or more) players wish to defeat him. get ready for farm Netherite and Diamondyou will need them to fight this monster that comes directly from the Nether to burst with everything it finds.

How to summon the Wither in Minecraft?

The Wither is a true boss in the same way as the Ender Dragon or the Warden. However, this is the only hostile mob in Minecraft that needs to be summoned in order to do battle with it, and to say the least, it will cost you time and effort to do so.

Here are the components you need to gather in order to summon this boss:

  • 4x Soul Sand: They are obtained only and only in the Nether
  • 3x Skeleton Skull Wither– Rarely found on Skeleton Wither corpses in Nether Fortresses

    Once you get all these components, you must place them in such a way that you recreate the diagram in the image below. Some important details so that the Wither can appear are the following:

  • The last block placed must be a Skull
  • There should be a small gap between each Wither Skull and Soul Sand that it is associated with
  • The Soul Sands must have at least one empty block around them

Defeat Wither by Brute Force

If you want to defeat Wither without being too complicated, you need to prepare well in advance. Full Diamond or Netherite equipment is therefore required, which must also be enchanted with a Blast Protection IV enchantment on each of the pieces (and with the sword enchanted). As for weapons, the best will be a Netherite Sword if possible, otherwise a diamond one will do. Also carry an Enchanted Bow with Power III and at least 128 arrows (two stacks of 64).
Finally, about ten Golden Apples will be very useful to recover your life points, as well as some Regeneration Potions II.

  • Netherite Sword): 1x Diamond Sword + 1x Netherite Ingot
  • Netherite Helmet (Blast Protection IV): 1x Diamond Helmet + 1x Netherite Ingot
  • Netherite Chestpiece (Blast Protection IV): 1x Diamond Chest + 1x Netherite Ingot
  • Netherite Greaves (Blast Protection IV): 1 Diamond Leggings + 1 Netherite Ingot
  • Netherite Boots (Blast Protection IV): 1x Diamond Boots + 1x Netherite Ingot
  • Bow (Power III): 3x Thread + 3x Stick
  • Arrows: 128x Flint + 128x Stick + 128x Feather
  • Golden apples: 120x Gold Ingot + 15x Apple
  • Regeneration Potions II: 2 regeneration potions + 2 glowstone powder

As soon as you have summoned the Wither, get far enough away from it, as it releases a powerful explosion 10 seconds after the summon ends. He is also immune to damage until he has assumed his true form, recognizable by his black color. Throughout the first phase of the fight, just shoot arrows at him with your bow until he drops below 50% health (which can take a long time).

regularly lwill launch missiles in your direction that you should ideally dodge. However, they are particularly fast and very difficult to dodge, especially if the Wither is concentrating its attacks on you. Therefore, his gear and his consumables should help him survive during this phase. Also remember to keep it at a safe distance so you have time to draw your Bow!


As soon as Wither loses 50% of his POV, he will fall to the ground and become vulnerable to your sword attacks. He abandons the bow and switches to your Netherite Sword to cut through it as quickly as possible. The boss will keep throwing missiles at you constantly, he remembers to regularly regenerate your life points to survive.


Defeat the Wither by cunning

Although terrifying and very powerful, the Wither is still an NPC and so you can exploit this flaw to take advantage of it. This takes a bit of practice and luck, but will almost guarantee victory without too much effort (and saving a lot of consumables).

To succeed in cunning against the Wither, you’ll need to summon it in a small tunnel dug 1×2 into a cave that you’ll fill with stone blocks if it’s too empty. The goal here is to prevent Wither from moving early on and force him to dig a tunnel on his own to escape your attacks. This way you are almost immune to their missiles and have a very clear field of view on your target without them being able to move.

The rest, you already know: As soon as it is at 50% you enter the fray and remake his portrait with your superb sword.


Rewards for the victory against the Withers

If you manage to defeat the Wither, you will be entitled to some nice rewards, albeit few. For one thing, you get 50 experience orbs if it’s you or one of your tame wolves that kills it. On the other hand, it will leave in its wake a nether star which you can use to create a beacon that allows all nearby players to benefit from the potion’s effects. Very practical and powerful!

  • Important: Even with the Loot enchantment, the Wither will only give you a single nether star after defeating him. If you plan to get multiple beacons, you will have to kill him as many times as you want

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