Mexico is out of the U20 World Cup and the Olympic Games after falling to Guatemala

The Mexican U20 National Team was eliminated from Pre-Mundial of the category disputed in Honduras by falling on penalties 2-1 against Guatemala. In addition to being out of Indonesian World Cup 2023, he will also miss the 2024 Olympics.

After a group stage where two goals were achieved (Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago) And a tie (Haiti), plus another lopsided win over Puerto Rico andn the Round of 16, the Aztec team led by Luis Ernesto Perez Icame to the appointment in front of Guatemala as the favourite, however the game began to get complicated as the minutes passed.

Although the green box had dangerous arrivals from the first minutes, it was the chapines who got ahead on the scoreboard with the complicity of the Mexican defense, because at minute 38 Archimides Ordonez he put a header only in the area and with it the Central American squad went up on the scoreboard.

With the passing of the minutes, Mexican desperation became present in San Pedro Sula, since for more attempts, the goal did not fall for the Aztec team, while the foul warnings came frequently.

The match for Mexico He reached the 74th minute of action with a purely fortuitous play, as a broken shot bounced off the humanity of Esteban Lozano who sent the ball to the bottom of the Guatemalan goal.

The Tri had the opportunity to win before extra time from the penalty spot, but the same Lush He missed his shot before the figure of the chapín goalkeeper, Jorge Moreno.

During the extra half hour, neither Mexicans nor Guatemalans could get hurt, however the dangerous plays were present in the area, as the Aztec squad had an action where the post saved the Central Americans, while the chapines also arrived with intensity , but they did not specify.

The penalty shootout was a real ordeal for Mexicobecause the first three shots were missed, while Guatemala scored two, José Eulogio stopped a couple of rival shots, but it was not enough because Nestor Cabrera He couldn’t and ended up crashing his shot into the hands of Moreno who saved five penalties throughout the match.

Mexico was eliminated from both the U20 World Cup 2023 in Indonesia as of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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