Martha Higareda reveals that when she met Will Smith they talked about medicinal plants

Recently, Martha Higareda surprised when he declared that he would say “no” to Mauricio Ochman for a powerful reason. And now, the actress is giving something to talk about by remembering the day she met Will Smith and the peculiar conversation they had.

For a long time, Higareda has lived in Los Angeles, California, for work reasons, a situation that has allowed him to meet Hollywood celebrities such as Will Smith, whom he met thanks to a friend.

It was during his participation in the podcast ‘La Cotorrisa’, that the Mexican revealed all the details of this meeting, in which she assures that she and Will ended up talking about medicinal plants.

“Not long ago, a little before the pandemic, I went to a friend’s house and he arrived,” Martha told Ricardo Perez Y Slobotzky.

“We started talking about medicinal plants, he talked about his point of view and what he had experienced. I remember he was there saying: ‘I’m with the prince of rap’, and I said: ‘Can I sing the song in Spanish? ?’. He was thrown out laughing,” Higareda added about this experience, which he described as “crazy.”

For the actress, meeting Smith “was impressive” and, during the meeting, she took the opportunity to ask him what dreams he had yet to fulfill, “Will, what happens in life when you already have everything you have? You’re an actor, you’re a producer, You have an amazing family. What’s next?” Martha said.

When asked, Higareda recalled what the 53-year-old actor replied, “Life is a video game, first they teach you how to kick and hit, advance in the video game. Then they tell you ‘What do you want to achieve with this?’ and you want to pass level 1. At the end of the day we are here to serve, with your talent, with what you do, with laughter, but always to help others”.

Finally, Martha Higareda took advantage of this space to comment on Will Smith at the Oscars, after the actor slapped Chris Rock for joking with the alopecia problem of Jada Pinkett Smith.

“He had been bullied a lot for all the things that had happened with Jada and suddenly there it exploded, the zen was gone,” said the famous 38-year-old.

In recent weeks, Martha Higareda has grabbed the headlines after making her relationship with Lewis Howesthe former of Yanet Garcia.

And it is that the controversy began after the statements of Yanet, who revealed his feelings upon learning that Lewis began a courtship with Martha a few days after their breakup.

Meanwhile, the protagonist of ‘Marry whoever can’ and the youtuber They are more in love than ever, as they have shown on social networks.

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