The name of Marta Riesco has been one of the most popular on the pink scene in recent months. her situation in Telecinco it was unsustainable. The controversy caused by the girlfriend of Antonio David Flores, who assured that he had spoken on the phone with Rocío Carrasco without being able to provide any evidence, it has completely gotten out of hand.

This circumstance has been taken advantage of by ‘Sálvame’, which He has used it to overcome the serious audience crisis that he has been going through since last summercharging hard against the reporter, sometimes crossing the limits a bit.

Thus, the dome of unicorn contentproducer of ‘The Ana Rosa program’, ‘It’s already noon’ Y ‘It’s already eight o’clock’has held a complicated meeting with Marta Riesco to try to put an end to this situation with measures that will be applied imminently.

Unicorn content has opted for the lesser evil, which is to leave the controversy unfinished and that by removing Marta Riesco from her post as collaborator, not that he has to provide “the ace in the hole” that he claimed to have and that finally never came.

The journalist herself has wanted to get out of this information through her Instagram stories. “By the way, I have not been fired from anywhere (although many have not stopped asking for it) and despite the nonsense that continues to be published, I continue with my producer, where I always feel loved and valued. And now more than ever. ” In addition, Antonio David’s partner has recorded a video to show that “I feel strong” and “without fear”. “I am very calm despite all the false information that has been said about me,” she commented.

Now, with a lower media profile in the network programs and in the pink publications, the journalist seems to be very relaxed in her work, with her reports on the Ana Rosa program and her role as an influencer on Instagram.

The journalist has come to cover the premiere of Tom Cruise’s latest film, “Top Gun: Maverick”, the sequel to the iconic fighter and aviation film that marked an entire generation. Riesco has uploaded several publications in the photocall of the premiere, but there are several voices that have accused the journalist of sneaking onto the ‘red carpet’ to take a photo of her. “You have sneaked into the photocall in that video the girl from the organization is missing saying she is who she is, what she is doing here.” “Yes, I was very angry and asked, but who is she? Oh, Martita, you are a starry star,” they pointed out in the post.

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