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There is less and less time left for us to enjoy “Thor: Love and Thunder”. The fourth film of the God of Thunder brings more surprise than ever. Or so we hope. For now we know that we are going to have stellar appearances like that of Mighty Thor, which will be the triumphant return of Natalie Portman to Marvel. So that you know a little more about the tape, I have had the opportunity to attend the virtual press conference in which Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman herself participatedChristian Bale (Gorr), Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), director Taika Waititi and producer and head of Marvel Kevin Feige. I bring you a summary of what they told us

The return of Mighty Thor

As I was saying, one of the most attractive things about the film is the return of Jane Foster’s character as Mighty Thor. For Portman, this return “was wild. After seeing Chris in the suit for so many years, being able to put on my own version, with the bracelets and the boots and all that… The first time I put it on it looked surreal. To make it in Thor: Love and Thunder, “he had to train a lot, and Hemsworth says he took it so seriously that Natalie was the one pulling the cart at the gym.”.

Thor: Love and Thunder

For Portman, moreover, finally being a superheroine served to “to have increased respect for what Chris has been doing for over a decadeTessa too… I’ve seen how much work there is behind it, which I don’t think she was aware of when she was just “the girl” from the first film. I didn’t see everything behind the scenes. Now that I’m inside like everyone else, with the choreography, the training and so on, I was like “wow, this is triple the work I did before”. Quite a challenge to bring to life a version of Thor “Totally different from Chris’s, because his is very confident and he has experience as a superhero, but mine has to find out, she’s new at this. And then he’s constantly reverting back to his human form, so there’s this risk that it might be the last time he gets to experience it.”.

Live long enough to become a villain

The other great signing of “Thor: Love and Thunder” is Christian Bale. Who was Batman in Nolan’s prestigious trilogy now he becomes the bad guy in the movie, Gorr the Butcher of Gods. “I think in Gorr they were looking for the polar opposite of what they’re looking for in Chris. Someone in whom you cannot see yourself reflected, lonely, weird, that nobody wants to be around them or see their ass. And I guess that’s why they said, “Yes, we have it in Christian Bale.”says the actor between laughs. And it is that he is delighted to play bad: It’s much more enjoyable to play a villain. It’s much easier to play a villain than it is to play a hero”.


Gorr is a terrifying being who has made a promise to forever eliminate all the Gods in the universe. But there is a reason behind it. And that is what Bale liked about him, what convinced him to enter “Thor: Love and Thunder”. “The beauty of this is that Taika [Waititi] can make it fucking funny and really moving at the same time”assures, “I don’t know if it’s stretching it too far to say that it garners sympathy, but you certainly understand why this guy makes these horrible decisions. He is a monster, a butcher, but there is a chance to have some understanding why it came to be that way”.

A very Chris Hemsworth Thor

Taika Waititi, the director of “Thor: Love and Thunder,” is surely one of the funniest people in Hollywood. Every intervention of his in the press conference you did not know what was true and what part was a joke. But he did have time. talk about how he managed to change Thor since taking over him in Ragnarok. “When I met Chris I realized how difficult he is to label. That’s why it was a big challenge. Chris is… we’ve become friends and I can tell by his personality and his energy. He’s the kind of person I’d go on adventures with.. And also someone you can trust to be there, to take care of you. Like a real hero. That’s why I wanted to take all those qualities and make a Thor more like Chris. […] He’s not acting”Waititi says. The actor of the God of Thunder replied laughing that “actually the film is a documentary”.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Hemsworth was also able to reflect on how Thor’s character has changed over the years: “That has been the luxury of working with different directors and different casts, they all bring something very different in you. As Taika said, the character has probably become more me over the yearsI hope in a fun way.”.

But where is Thor going? Obviously Kevin Feige cannot reveal it, but he does give clues to the plans he has. There is a thing called comicswho tell many stories. All of ours come from there. And there is a question that is «Have we told all the great Thor stories yet?». The answer is no. There are so many. And I’ve always said that our intention in telling additional stories is to continue the character’s life.”points out Marvel’s chief executive, who also confirmed that the company returns to Comic Con after three years to present new projects.


teenage sweethearts

Although logically they hardly anticipated anything new about the plot of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, they did reveal a detail that accompanies all the footage. During a question, Hemsworth was questioned by the relationship between Thor and his two weapons, Mjölnir and Stormbreaker. “It was one of the funniest things. It’s hard for him to see his ex-girlfriend dressed in her armor, it’s a shock. And suddenly, the weapon that he has wielded for so many years and to which he has loved so much, now belongs to someone else. And he has Stormbreaker, who is starting to get jealous.Hemsworth says.

Waititi joins the reflection giving more details: “I don’t know if anyone else had thought of it that way, but Stormbreaker is born from Groot’s arm. And Groot was a teenager when he did it. So I thought of Stormbreaker as a young coupleShe’s only been alive 5 or 6 years. So she feels a bit like a teenager and is going through some changes. And, of course, he has mood swings. A hilarious vision of Thor’s weapons that can give a lot of play.

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Roughly, that was the most interesting thing about the press conference for “Thor: Love and Thunder”. There are still a few days left for the premiere. Specifically, The film will hit theaters on July 8.. If all goes well, it will be the perfect movie to go see in the summer. Do you like him?

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