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Elodie, from Celebrity Hunted to Tim Summer Hits 2022

It hasn’t been that long since Elodie Di Patrizi by the fearsome Hunters in the TV series ‘Celebrity Hunted’, nor has it been a little since his victory that we find again the Roman singer to ignite the stage of Tim Summer Hits in the hot days of June, as evidence of a particularly appreciated artist. For the occasion she shows off a hot look, with an uncovered belly and thong in sight. She is often remembered like this: among the benches of the Amici talent show (where she participated between 2015 and 2016, ranking second but still winning the Vodafone award), with that biting voice that is typical of an artist who does not he is absolutely afraid to express what he thinks in his lyrics. An all-round artist who, following the famous Mediaset talent, has started an intense collaboration with certainly important artists in the Italian recording scene: Loredana Berté, Emma Marrone, Fiorella Mannoia (among the most important) and opening, as guest star, Emma’s Now Tour.

A certainly profitable career that emerges on the national music scene in 2016 with the album ‘Another life’ and which represents the first success of the Roman artist: from there, the road is all uphill. In 2020 his participation in the Sanremo singing competition with the song ‘Andromeda’, written and produced by Mahmood and Dardust: a song that is certainly affected by the influences and production of Mahmood but that the Roman artist inevitably manages to make his own, unfortunately classifying himself to an undeserved seventh place. The story, however, is written: Elodie manages to establish herself as an icon on the Ligurian stage, an icon who knows how to make a show and who continues to be present even today, with those bright, sometimes peremptory tones that art must knowing how to use.

This is Elodie breaks the mold of streaming

With ‘This is Elodie ‘in which the passage Andromeda is contained, Elodie breaks the patterns of streaming, ratings and sales, definitively winning the Platinum record. The following year is the publication of Guaranà and the return to the most difficult staircase in Italy as an artist in his own right not participating in the festival. Last but not least, among his musical projects, is the single “Vertigine”, a corollary of a music publication still in progress and which will see the light in a particularly short time.

Respectful, always smiling, committed artist, with active models such as Etta James, Miley Cyrus and, above all, engaged in musical activities such as the Milanese concerts (the next two dates will be in Rimini on July 15 and in Ostia Lido on July 1) , Elodie continues to enchant the general public with ever greater sounds and influences of international music, continuing those musical relationships that see her also connected to other prominent artists such as Elisa herself. What is certain is that Elodie’s participation in Tim Summer Hits is a symptom of an audience that appreciates this type of artist, who speaks and expresses himself with the universal language of her music, attentive to everything and certainly capable of making a show.

Tribale di Elodie’s video


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