“Live is life”, the eighties

Live is life, when we all feel the power!

And then Nana orangein chorus

In 1984, the smash hit live is lifethe song of the rock-pop group Opus. So much so that even years later, in 1989, she was danced by the footballer Diego Armando Maradona in the warm-up of a match against bayern. Maradona he also lived the eighties, and the ball never stains.

live is life is the soundtrack of Live is life. the great adventurefilm by the director and screenwriter Daniel of the Tower, who also lived the eighties. Born in 1975, the reporter writing this is the same age as you.

It would be easy to compare this single with the goonies (Richard Donner, 1985), the gang of boys and girls (yes, two girls, Andy and Stef) who flee from the Fratelli mobsters and who end up finding the fabulous ship of the pirate One-Eyed Willy. It bears some resemblance to that tape, but live is life drink from other sources.

To begin with, and since the action takes place in the Galician Ribeira Sacra, the music that best suits it is Total sinister, who claim they are retiring. Sounds at the village party I will dance on your grave (1985): “I’ll kill you with my tap shoes…”. The singer German Coppini lived the eighties, like Maradonalike Dani and like this reporter.

live is life recounts the adventures of a group of young people who are not the goonies (the youngest is a baby, the daughter of a junkie). An intense day in the countryside, in the hours before the night of San Juan in 1985.

For those who did not live to be eighty and had the misfortune to be born later, it is reported that Sant Joan is indeed a magical night: in the days that preceded it, the bonfires were enlarged with the old furniture and the garage boards. It would be 1987 when this reporter carried the boards from the basement of the bar casino seatwhere the workers of the automobile factory took the triphasic of Bailey’s to feed the monkey.

The salary of two hours of effort and without a contract: a Coke. The fire ate the bad, and the shortest night of the year thus became the longest night of the year. So many things could happen, and did happen, that in the end the non-believer believed, even if it was in the nymphs, in the Holy Company or in David the Gnome.

This reporter’s cousin, Isidoro, was eagerly awaiting that night. Since November he was counting the days. My cousin was born in 1966, so he too lived into his eighties.

live is life honors, with the permission of the irreplaceable Antonio Mercero (Blue summer, 1981), the BH bicycle; not to be confused with HB. So Javi and Pancho also lived through the eighties, and they still remember, because the two of them fought to get Bea’s love. Today, those bikes are bought by collectors in milanuncios.com.

The group, in the villages, rode a bike: then motorcycles were invented, and for a time they lived together. In America, as always happens, bikes and motorcycles arrived much earlier: it was no coincidence that the ship of ET the alien (Steven Spielberg, 1982something like a Alfonso X the Wise) will perch in the clearings of California forests and not in County Par Bunsin Huelvawhere the mother of a classmate was born in GBS (The mother was not born in the eighties although she did live them).

Director of live is life He has shaken his moments of glory (those of childhood) and his treasures as a movie buff in the shaker of this funny film. For example, the scene in which the group’s Pancho throws stones at the pazo from which his father fell while he was working is taken from Forrest Gump (Robert Zemeckis, 1994)with the Forrest-Jenny couple, who also lived through the 1980s, each on their own.

And I would swear that the Templar sepulcher in which the boys are sheltering connects with the Temple Church, in Londonwho gave so much game to Dan Brown to write The Da Vinci Code. And of course, the kick of the judoka Del Pozo (in my neighborhood taekwondo was more popular) refers to karate Kid (John G. Avildsen, 1984)that this reporter did not see in his day because at home, until the nineties, he did not buy the video.

All in all, and perceiving at times an air of Alcarràs (because of shooting in streaming, without pauses), that is to say that Daniel of the Tower has fraternized with his promotion: friendship, always. “Live each day as if it were the last”, advises one of them, the one who leaves but will not leave, as Sinister.

To finish, I will tell you a story that comes to mind:

In 1985, Spanish Television aired cowboy cartoon series Lucky Luke, the fastest in the West. In line at school, this reporter – who then, like today, was nothing more than a brat – stood behind Sergio Morato, the oldest of the kids, Alpha Pup. One was carrying his wad of Lucky Luke trading cards. Morato turned and, reaching into his back pocket as if he were going to take out his chori (razor in quinqui language), showed me his stickers from the Dalton brothers. And he blurted out: “Fuck, I thought no one was going to go to school.”

in the movie, Lucky and Dalton can be substitutes for The Vulture (Real Madrid) Y Wolf Carrasco (Barça). I don’t know if Sergio Morato survived to eighty. My cousin Isi didn’t want to go see an exhibition about stray dogs and so on, in the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona. His people were taken by drugs, the bad life of black hand.

Even so, all of them, like Dieguito, La mano de Dios, and like Mikey, the soul of the Goonies, like Quique and Javi, like Dani, like Isidoro…, would have been nothing if they had missed what is in live is life.

I’ll suffocate you with my ballet leotard…

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