Lightyear’ vs. Nicolas Cage. Duel at the premieres of June 17

11 premieres with a blockbuster, an original and interesting proposal and another very crazy

What do these premieres of June 17 bring us? There are 11 titles. By genre we have one animation, two documentaries, one love, two comedies, one action (or is it a comedy?) and 4 dramas. They come from the US (2), France (2), China (1), Argentina (1) and Spain (5). Let’s see some detail.

The unbearable weight of a huge talent. Nicolas Cage’s Craziest Proposal Hits June 17 Premieres

Poster for The Unbearable Weight of a Huge Talent.  Cage is Cage at the June 17 premieres
poster of The unbearable weight of a huge talent. Cage is Cage at the June 17 premieres

One expects films like this, crazy, fun and alternatives to the blockbusters… and as incredible as it may seem, sometimes they do. And we have to thank Diamond Films.

Oscar winner Nicolas Cage plays himself in this crazy action comedy in which he shares the bill with Paco León. The fictional version of Cage is a penniless actor who is forced to accept a million dollar offer to attend the birthday of an eccentric billionaire (Pedro Pascal), a big fan of his work.

But things take an unexpected turn when Cage is recruited by a CIA agent (Tiffany Haddish) and forced to live up to his own legend to save himself and those he loves. With a career built for this very moment, the award-winning actor must take on the role of his life: Nicolas Cage.

trailer of The unbearable weight of a huge talent

We are made to understand each other

Poster of We are made to understand each other
poster of We are made to understand each other

A French romantic comedy that hits the premieres on June 17 from the hand of Vertigo.

Antoine seems not to listen to anything or anyone: his students, his classmates, his friends, his work colleagues, his lovers… They all demand more attention from him and reproach him for his lack of concentration and empathy. Although there is a good reason Antoine doesn’t listen to anyone: he is still young but has lost a lot of hearing.

His new neighbor Claire, who has come to live temporarily with her sister and daughter after the loss of her husband, dreams of peace and quiet. It is not ideal to have the noisy Antoine as a neighbor, with his loud music and his alarm clock that rings non-stop. And yet Claire and Antoine are made for each other.

trailer of We are made to understand each other

the kitchen brigade

Poster for The Kitchen Brigade.  French comedy for the premieres of June 17
poster of the kitchen brigade. French comedy for the premieres of June 17

More French cinema for these premieres on June 17. This time thanks to Caramel and Youplanet (yes, those who made us happy with All at once everywhere).

Cathy is a strict 40-year-old chef. As she is about to fulfill her dream of opening her own gourmet restaurant, a setback on her part causes nothing to go as planned. With serious financial difficulties behind her, Cathy reluctantly accepts a job in the cafeteria of a center for immigrant youth. Little by little, Cathy’s skills and her passion for cooking begin to change the lives of the boys, who also have a lot to teach her.

trailer of the kitchen brigade

Pico Reja, the truth that the earth hides

Pico Reja poster, the truth that the earth hides
poster of Pico Reja, the truth that the earth hides

A documentary made by Producciones singulares and that arrives at the premieres on June 17.

In the Seville cemetery, the Pico Reja mass grave remains closed in 2020, which is estimated to hold more than 2,000 civilian victims of Franco’s repression. In this film, the opening of the pit takes us through its own history (even discovering new undocumented facts) in a story rooted in the present that is also interwoven with the meeting between the singer Rocío Márquez and the poet Antonio Manuel Rodríguez to create a cante about it.

A deep analysis of the past that also serves to understand the present of a country still with many pending debts with the memory of those reprisals and with history.

Communards. The second documentary among the premieres of June 17

Communards poster.  The second documentary among the premieres of June 17
poster of Communards. The second documentary among the premieres of June 17

#ConUnPack Distribución is also committed to alternative proposals. Communards is a documentary feature film that narrates the events that occurred in the Crown of Castile around the year 1521 known as the War of the Communities, and the influence that these events exerted throughout subsequent history.

poster of Communards

surrender the males

Surrender the Males Poster
poster of surrender the males

Begin Again brings to these premieres on June 17 one of its original bets, David Pantaleón’s debut feature.

A journey on foot of more than 100 km over a barren desert with the seven most reputable goat stallions in Fuerteventura… and two brothers who hate each other. Alejandro and Julio are the brothers of the Cabrera family, the most respected ranching and cheese-producing family in the north of the island of Fuerteventura. Don Guillermo, the family patriarch, and his two children have not spoken for many years. After the schism, the care of the father and the business falls to Alicia, the only daughter.

When the father dies, he imposes a last will in his will as a condition for his children to receive the inheritance. Alejandro and Julio feel like a punishment having to take the group of males on foot and alone – the seven most valued stallions on the island – to the southern end of the island, and also give it away to the historically antagonistic Cabrera family.

trailer of surrender the males

night stone

Night Stone Poster
poster of night stone

World premiered at the 2021 Venice Film Festival, it premiered in Spain during the San Sebastian Festival. In the previous edition of this festival, he received the WIP (Work In Progress) Latam Award.

Sina travels to the coast to accompany her friend Greta in the sale of her summer house. Less than a year ago Greta lost her only child in that sea and she needs her help. As they pack everything and prepare to deliver the key, Bruno, Greta’s husband, says he has seen something that confirms the locals’ rumors about the appearance of a strange creature.

trailer of night stone. original version

We will not kill each other with guns

We will not kill each other with guns poster
poster of We will not kill each other with guns

While the town prepares to celebrate its main festival, Blanca strives to ensure that the first paella she makes in her life is perfect. She has managed to reunite her lifelong friends after years without seeing each other. They are all in their thirties and feel that their youth is slipping away, trapped in job insecurity, disenchantment and a continual starting over. The paella lasts until nightfall, between revelations of secrets, reproaches and misunderstandings. But now more than ever, the five friends will need each other to get ahead.

trailer of We will not kill each other with guns

you have to come see it

You have to come and see her poster.  The original proposal by Jonás Trueba arrives in theaters with the premieres of June 17
poster of you have to come see it. The original proposal by Jonás Trueba arrives in theaters with the premieres of June 17

Another original proposal by Jonás Trueba distributed by Atalante.

Two pairs of friends meet again. They listen to music, talk, read, eat, walk, play ping-pong… It may not seem like much for a movie, that’s why you have to come see it.

In the words of Jonas Trueba: «Going to the movies has become a small act of resistance, a poetic gesture, a leap of faith. We have made this film from that conviction, with speed and determination, from our own crisis of unreality, but with the joy of meeting again and being able to continue making movies together». Its cast includes Itsaso Arana, Vito Sanz, Francesco Carril and Irene Escolar.

trailer of you have to come see it

My Country, My Parents

My Country, My Parents poster.  Chinese cinema among the premieres of June 17
poster of My Country, My Parents. Chinese cinema among the premieres of June 17

Third part of the trilogy National Day CelebrationWith My People, My Country (2019) and My People, My Homeland (2020). Portrait of four Chinese families in four different eras. The film has been directed to 8 hands.

trailer of My Country, My Parents. original version


Lightyear poster.  Disney back in theaters
poster of Lightyear. Disney back in theaters

And paradoxically, we close this column of premieres for June 17 with an outstanding film. But the tradition is to close with an animated film and this is the one that premieres.

Lightyear is the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the hero who inspired the toy. The film tells what happens to the legendary Space Guardian after he is trapped on a hostile planet 4.2 million light years from Earth along with his commander and his crew.

Buzz tries to find a way to get back home through space and time and to do so he will have a group of ambitious recruits and Sox, his charming robot cat. But the arrival of Zurg, an imposing presence with a ruthless robot army and mysterious hidden plans, further complicates matters and puts the mission in jeopardy.

trailer of Lightyear

Here we end with the premieres of June 17, 2022. Enjoy in theaters and remember, if you want to see more than one film without spending more, take advantage of the days of the spectator. Also remember that in many cinemas the sessions are cheaper during the week.

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