‘Let me fly’, the anticipated wish in case his health was complicated

On June 12, Fernando del Solar broke the news that his father had died and dedicated some emotional words to him. Only a few weeks have passed, now the Argentine driver based in Mexico, died after a long fight against cancer.

“I feel very sad and I still can’t believe that I’m not going to see my old man anymore… Neither eat a barbecue, nor laugh at his occurrences… Today I’m going to smile because it happened, because it was him and because of everything we lived together . It’s only been hours and I already miss you. I keep everything I learned, with his successes, but more of his mistakes. Fly to the highlands dad! You will always live in me. I love you, ”Del Solar shared and became the last image on his Instagram account.

The driver was giving conferences, the most recent on June 9 in Chetumal.

The actor signed his advance directive two years ago

In the midst of an uphill battle for his life since being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Fernando del Solar decided to sign a advance directive where he informs his family what his last wish is in case his health condition worsens and they have to connect him to devices to survive.

Fernando del Solar dies at the age of 49

The driver revealed the important decision to the program the sun riseswhere he explained that in his letter he asks his relatives to disconnect him if he needs artificial means to keep him alive.

It is a letter where one clarifies, in use of all his faculties, that in case of keeping yourself alive by mechanical or artificial means, you ask being aware today and being well, that they disconnect you, that you don’t want to live like this. Yes, to help you leave, but not to be connected anymore, ”he confessed.

The Argentine explained that he signed the document in 2018 because “he had already gone through a similar situation and I wouldn’t have wanted to be in a coma or unconscious for years and have the whole family pending”.

Equally, Solar Fer He pointed out that his relatives are already aware of the existence of the text, although it was recently, and not two years ago, that he informed them about it.

My advance directive letter is signed, my parents did not know, but it was already signed. For my parents it was very strong, but at the same time they, Ana (his girlfriend), my sisters, all were grateful that this was there, because in this way no one has to take that responsibility. They found out just now, ”he stressed.

Fernando del Solar: “Let me fly”

Fernando del Solar emphasized that, after having been on the verge of death on several occasions, he made the decision to prevent his family from bearing the difficult responsibility in the event that the fearsome scenario occurs.

“As I had already accepted death and embraced it, I said: ‘If this were to happen to me, it is written on paper and nobody has to take responsibility because it is already my decision and it is my will; let me fly. Somehow that takes pressure, tension and weight off the whole family, you leave peace of mind, ”he said.

Likewise, the actor also revealed that in December, when he went through a complicated episode of pneumonia that led him to be admitted to intensive care, he did not have the opportunity to tell his loved ones about the letter.

Unfortunately at the time everything happened so fast that I couldn’t even tell them: ‘Hey, there’s a signed letter, you don’t have to be responsible for anything because I leave everything written there’, now you know. There is a denial and it is not easy to talk about it, but we were able to talk about it and Ana already knows what to do and what not to do in case of, and knock on wood but I hope it will not happen again, “he concluded optimistically at the time.

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