Last chance: the movies that leave Netflix in July – Come and see

Netflix renews its catalog every month and there are always some movies or series that have to be left out, either because the platform doesn’t want it to continue or especially because of expiring contracts.

In July, movies like “Contratiempo”, “A Lying Wife” and “Zombie Station” will no longer be on the platform. The complete list:

e stand out: Mishap The Room, Zombie Invasion, War of the Worlds and A Lying Wife. Get to know the more than 60 titles that are leaving, below.

1st of July

The room

Since he was born five years ago, Jack lives with his loving and devoted mother in “room”, the only world the child knows, a small room where his mother’s captor has them held.

the dark tower


With Mario Casas. The life of the successful businessman Adrián Doria turns into a nightmare when one morning he wakes up in a hotel room next to the corpse of his lover. He is convinced of his innocence, but the evidence proves otherwise.

The crime of Father Amaro

Geronimo: An American Legend

how to train your dragon 2

Just Getting Started

Zipi and Zape and the Captain’s Island

Sweet Virginia

My life

zombie station

An unknown virus spreads through South Korea, zombifying those infected. Passengers on a KTX train leaving Seoul desperately struggle to survive until they reach Busan, a city that supposedly remains the only safe place in the country.

war of the worlds

Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise. When the earth is invaded by aliens, Ray Ferrier is forced to fight to survive and save the lives of his family.

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The Adventures of Shark Boy

valley of shadows

killer at home

Legion of angels

When God loses faith in humanity, he orders his angels to begin the apocalypse, but the archangel Michael, who still has hope, sets out to protect a pregnant waitress, so that her son preserves the future of the human race.

soul thieves

Mr Maker

Liar’s Dice

Tum Milo Toh Sahi


With Will Smith. Alex Hitch ‘The Love Doctor’ is the most successful dating agent in New York and can get even the most mediocre man on a date with the woman of his dreams.


soul thieves

Anthony Kaun Hai?


What We Started


Record of Grancrest War


my perfect romance

A fake wife

With Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Surgeon Danny decides to hire his assistant Katherine, a single mother with children, to pretend to be his family. Her intention is to show Palmer that her love for her is so great that he is about to divorce her wife.

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killer at home

10 days in gold

The. finest

The most extraordinary houses in the world

Deewana Main Deewana



Life Itself


I Am Kalam

July 2nd

Robin Hood: Origins


3rd of July

Sugar Rush

The Perfect Picture: Ten Years Later

July 4th


July 5th

Shopkins: World Vacation

July 7th


July 8

our bad

July 11

I am Betty the Ugly one

12th of July

Royal Detective

Yo-kai Watch

PILI Fantasy: War of Dragons

July 13


July 15

Dawson’s Creek

Mustang: The Rehab


The hidden truth

Rock the Kasbah

my life at 17

the secret life of pets 2

Angel Beats

God Eater

July 17th

scream series

July 18

The Iron Prosecutor

July 25

heidi welcome home

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