Kate Winslet’s miniseries on HBO Max: which is the best?

There are creative alliances that could not be luckier. the of Kate Winslet with HBO is one of them, in such a way that the British actress stars two of the best miniseries you can watch this summer on HBOMax. And soon that number will increase, as it has just been announced that Winslet is going to star in the adaptation of the bestseller. Trust, of Hernan Diaz, in a new miniseries for the platform. Let the Emmys tremble!

There is a very clear reason for us to make that warning: Kate Winslet has two Emmy Awards for best actress in a miniseries and has won both with the two productions she has starred in for HBO. The math comes out by itself! one was Mildred Pierce (2011) and the other, ten years later, Mare of Easttown (2021). It seems that the actress is willing to shorten that waiting time, since Trust I can probably start shooting before the end of this year.

Which of the previous Kate Winslet miniseries is your favorite? do you stay with Mildred Pierce or with Mare of Easttown? And the most important question of all: why choose when this summer you can see each other again? Let’s see what are the strengths of each of them.

‘Mildred Pierce’: a soul in torment

the outstanding Todd Hayns, movie director as Velvet Goldmine (1998), Far from the sky (2002) or carol (2015), signs this adaptation of the famous novel by James M Cain that was already made into a movie by Michael Curtiz in soul in torment (1945) with a Joan Crawford larger than life (as usual).

It is a melodrama set in the Great Depression that focuses on the relationship between a woman separated from her husband and an overprotective mother of her daughter. Winslet plays the lead and Evan Rachel Wood, within a stellar cast where they also appear Guy Pearce, Melissa Leo either Mary Winningham.

With an exquisite vintage setting, a soundtrack by Carter Burwell and the usual elegance of Haynes (and his usual cinematographer, Edward Lachman) behind the camera, this flagship of HBO productions ended up taking five Emmy awards from a total of 21 nominations.

‘Mare of Easttown’: A True Detective

It was one of the great seriéphile bombshells of 2021. A criminal intrigue that kept viewers glued to the screens and that accumulated more and more followers as it progressed. Hooked until the mystery is solved? Maybe yes, but also captivated by the magnetic interpretation of Kate Winslet playing a normal woman, with various personal problems, who is also a dedicated detective at her job.

Mare of Easttown part of a script from its showrunner, Brad Ingelsby, and it has Craig Zobel as director of the seven episodes that compose it. Winslet is the Mare of the title, a police detective investigating the murder of a teenage girl in suburban Philadelphia where she herself grew up but was unable to solve a similar case in the past.

That history joins a bulky backpack of personal and family problems that the character carries, one of the most solid that has been seen on recent television. Just like the cast that covers the British actress: from a superb Julianne Nicholson a Jean Smart, Evan Peters and, again, Guy Pearce.

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