Kate Winslet returns to HBO Max to star in Trust


The actress Kate Winslet will star again in an HBO Max production called Trust, which is an adaptation of a homonymous work written by Hernán Díaz. In addition, on this occasion the actress of titanica Y Mare of Easttown will be producing the new miniseries.

Hernán Díaz’s book is about a wealthy financier who is not satisfied with a novel based on his life and his wife’s interpretation, so he asks a secretary to write his memoirs and clear things up.

Nevertheless, the secretary becomes uncomfortably aware that she is rewriting history, which is why the work is considered a narrative piece that touches on the notion of truth, power, money and intimacy. Besides that the author of the novel will also be one of the producers of the miniseries.

As we will remember, last year, Kate Winslet became a middle-aged detective, in the series of Mare of Easttown. His character was in the middle of family dramas and at the same time searching for a murderer in the town where he lived.

Said role in the series of Mare of Easttown It earned him an Emmy and a Golden Globein addition to being recognized as one of the best actresses of her generation.

Despite breaking the news of his new production, according to dead line, Kate Winslet is about to start filming readthe true story of Lee Miller, a model who became one of the first women to be a war correspondent.

The film will star Marion Cotillard, Jude Law, Andrea Riseborough and Josh O’Connor, in addition to the participation of the actress from the Titanic.


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