Kate Winslet prepares new series for HBO, ‘Trust’

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        Kate Winslet will be the protagonist in addition to the producer of the dramatic series ‘Trust’, the new project that she is preparing for HBO. After ‘Mare of Easttown’, he interferes with this limited series in development on the platform. The drama is based on the best-selling novel by Hernán Díaz, published last May.

        Díaz’s novel unfolds in four different voices and in four genres. The HBO project will follow a wealthy financier who reads a novel based on his life and is upset by the way he and his wife are portrayed. He hires a secretary to write a memoir in hopes of setting the record straight. She, however, realizes that the man is trying to rewrite history and his wife’s place in it.

        Both Winslet and Diaz will serve as executive producers on the series. In this way, and since the series will become a series, ‘Trust’ will be the third collaboration between Winslet and HBO. The previous two were ‘Mare of Easttown’, one of the best series of 2021, and the miniseries released in 2011, ‘Mildred Pierce’, for which Winslet has won a pair of Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series.

        mare of easttown


        This is a new project that the actress from movies like ‘Revolutionary Road’ or ‘The Reader’ adds to her list of upcoming projects. Now Winslet is about to start production on the feature film ‘Lee’, based on the life of photographer Lee Miller (a job she is also producing for) and on which she works alongside Jude Law. Winslet will also be in ‘Fake’, directed by Scott Z. Burns. Before these works, the Oscar winner has also met again with James Cameron, who directed her in ‘Titanic’, for the sequel to the great saga that she is preparing. ‘Avatar: the sense of water’, which will hit theaters next December.

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