” July 7 could arrive ”

He arrives a dizzying confirmation from Angelo Di Livio, former footballer, with a markedly yellow and red past for those who remember and veterans. It was he who took the trouble to confirm the rumors about the possible arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Rome. Di Livio then added yet another confirmation to the microphones of Retesport: “I have confirmations from several sources that Roma are trying to sign Cristiano Ronaldo”. So it is clear, Roma want the champion at all costs.

Cristiano Ronaldo to Rome: the confirmations

Meanwhile, in the Capitalthe rumor about the possible arrival of the Portuguese champion in yellow and red shirt continues to grow and the crowd of fans is really excited. The latest confirmations sound like a celestial music in the ears of the most avid fans. On the streets, people talk about this.

There are those who have already decided to buy the shirtor give it to your children, just to have it in your own home. Of course, it would be a historic and sensational engagement. As well as the amount it takes to be able to complete it.

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Roma would be negotiating for the champion

Subsequently, the former midfielder tried to explain how the rumor was born on the possible acquisition of such a formidable talent in the team: “I’m sorry that they are angry with social media Laura Barth – Di Livio always told Retesport -. The mistake of him was to say that on June 29 there would be a presentation.

In reality, from what I learned in recent days and which was reiterated to me during the Rai program, Roma are really trying to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and July 7 could be the date of the announcement of Cristiano in the Giallorossi “.

The possible date: July 7th

The date speaks volumes. July 7, not surprisingly, it is the date on which the Conference Cup will be seen at the Olimpico. Di Livio continued: “It is an indiscretion that circulates with insistence in the world of football. Many former footballers talk about it, many prosecutors say it. In addition, I happened to talk to a dear friend who works in the television sector and who knew about Ronaldo negotiation by a very important figure of the Giallorossi club during a dinner a few days ago “.

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