Johnny Depp will keep all of Amber Heard’s property if she doesn’t pay

ANDthe trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard finished But the news does not stop happening. And the recent events and economic problems of Heard could even end the assets of the actress seized and owned by her ex-husband.

A piece of news that would put the situation of the protagonist of the Aquaman saga even more in check. However, it is an increasingly real possibility for Amber Heardwho must find cash to achieve his purpose.

Amber Heard would be bankrupt, according to the new york post in its web edition. Therefore, it would be forced to sell assets in order to achieve the payment corresponding to the damages caused to Johnny Depp.

In case of Amber Heard not be able to assume the corresponding payment, Johnny Depp could start with the collection procedure to achieve the corresponding economic amount.

This is what the lawyer Jeremiah Denton assures to the aforementioned medium, for which Johnny Depp not only could he receive the corresponding money, but he would leave his ex-wife without property.

“He can seize your assets, which basically means seize them. He can access your assets, sell them and take cash,” revealed the renowned lawyer.

“Johnny Depp can access his assets, sell them and take cash.

Jeremiah Denton, attorney

the lawyer of Amber HeardElain Bredehoft, already revealed that the actress is not able to assume the total payment, which corresponds to an amount of 8.35 million dollars.

Amber Heard could sell the gift she received from Elon Musk

In the meantime, the actress may be forced to sell one of her biggest possessions: a gift from Elon Musk. A Tesla Model X, a high-end vehicle, could go on to belong to Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp, in a moment of euphoria

The recent victory in the libel trial has breathed new life into Johnny Depp. The actor lives a moment of euphoria, with a change of look included and even without shying away from the spotlight.

For its part, Amber Heard maintains a more discreet profile, without seeking media attention. He only gave an interview on television, but has not given any more statements.

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