Jeff Luhnow sees in Cancun the potential to become a sports destination… like Las Vegas

Jeff Luhnow listed the reasons that make Mexican soccer interesting for investors and the potential he sees in the Mexican Caribbean city

Jeff Luhnowmain investor of the Cancun F.C. and new majority shareholder of Leganes Sports Club of the Second Division of Spain, sees the Mexican Caribbean city as a key point for the future of the sport in North America, something similar to what happens with The Vegasyes

Recently, the American investment group Blue Crow Sports Group of Houston, represented by Jeff Luhnow and his partner, Ben Guill, a shareholder of the Houston Astros, acquired part of the rights to the Leganes. In addition, this duo also owns the Cancun F.C. through the company: Professional Soccer Businesses.

In an interview for ESPN, Jeff Luhnow shows great optimism that, as this equipment is located in the Mexican tourist destination, that makes it a great investment opportunity.

“For us, the market for cancun is key to the future of the sport in North America. I did a study of the 39 First Division teams in Mexico, Canada and the United States; there are daily direct flights from 33 of these cities to cancuncancun it is in the middle of everything, it is a city that is growing, there is a population that is entering. I think the market is ideal for sports.”

explained Jeff Luhnow: “sports tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and cancun is perfectly placed to capture that. For example, Las Vegas before it was a destination to go to play the games (casinos); Today it is a destination to go see hockey, American football, whatever, and I think that cancun It can start to develop in that direction, not only with football, but also with other sports, but football has to be at the center of all that.”

Likewise, when Jeff Luhnow began to explore the Spanish soccer market, he also found “a very interesting opportunity for North American investors” there.

“Right now, the Spanish market is very attractive; there are many historical teams, there is a lot of talent, they speak Spanish, it is a very competitive level, and what (Javier) Tebas, who manages the League and the federation (RFRF), has done makes it much more attractive for foreigners to invest in Spain, because there is transparency and economic control that is very important for us. That helps to bring in capital from abroad.”

In this sense, he did not hesitate to maintain that Liga MX “has also taken steps in that direction and that is why I believe that we are investing in a club in Mexico.”

“We, investing, there will be more: a North American group invested in the Necaxa club, also in Ciudad Juárez, but I know that there is more interest (from foreign investors in Mexico). Institutional funds and people who have resources to invest in soccer they want to make sure that it is an environment where there is transparency and that they are going to be able to manage and operate a club without problems. They want to make sure that there are rules and that everyone is going to follow the rules, that the investment is safe”, he continued. Jeff Luhnow.

On whether when deciding to invest in Mexican soccer, he did not mistrust the fact that promotion and relegation had been removed, he explained: “it is very important for a competitive league where there is investment and a structure that works well in the long term , let there be rise and fall. And sooner or later there will be rise and fall.”

He stated: “I think that the owners of the clubs and Mikel Arriola agree that if the Second Division teams have the opportunity to move up in sports, it is good for the economy of soccer in Mexico. I believe that, although they stopped a couple of years ago, they are going to reconsider it and they are already reconsidering it, that in the future we are going to see the best teams in the second category ascend and participate in the MX league”.

Jeff Luhnow indicated that for a couple of years he spoke with Enrique Bonilla about a project in Mexican soccer and, now that it has crystallized along with his acquisition of the LeganesThe steps to follow are clear.

“It is not only to seek promotion. We will work to achieve it, but it is also an investment in cancun and Quintana Roo for the future of this market, which is the main one in all of Latin America,” he insisted.

“There are many groups that have more than one team, so apart from that it is diversification, so as not to have all the fortunes tied up in one club, but also, you can develop relationships between the two clubs for sponsorships, flow of players, coaches… It’s sharing between the teams, and one team can benefit the other.”

He said: “For example, Leganés has a very successful history in the posters they make for matches; this is very popular with them in Spain. They can help cancun to see what kind of marketing to do, because it is a team with a lot of history and with a lot of success in another area”.

Leganes Y cancun They are two very attractive metropolitan areas for players, for coaches, for tourists, for investors, for everything. The intention is to develop players from Spain in Mexico and from other parts of the world. Give them the opportunities to develop their quality as quickly as possible, and help the teams… If we have a player in Mexico with quality for Spain, of course we are going to do it (transfer), we are going to support him”.

He also stated that at Club Deportivo Leganés, “we have an academy, many youth players. And it will benefit a player, more than being in the second team of Leganés, to be in the first team of Cancún. But the priority in Mexico is to develop Mexicans, from the country and from the area”.

Long-term plan with Cancún FC

He explained that “our long-term goal is that cancun be part of the first category in Mexico and we are working on how we are going to do it. It is a bit different to Spain, where two teams are promoted directly and we have to play a Liguilla and a Champion of Champions to see who is promoted. It’s much harder, but we’re all going after that.”

Jeff Luhnowformer manager of the Astros and the St. Louis Cardinals, was direct in stating: “If we are not successful, it will not be because we do not make the effort. I love the sport, because it is complicated and results cannot be predicted. Winning is a feeling that when you don’t have it, it’s hard to replicate in other parts of life.”

“Fortunately for me, I have won championships in the past as an executive, and it is something that you share with the employees, with the family. I want to give that experience (and triumphs) in Cancun; they had it with Atlante in the past, but now they’ve forgotten about that, and we want to give it to people.”

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