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We all know how much Covid-19 has changed ours habits and the way in which we live the moments of aggregation: for almost two years we have given up on live concertsto the theater and al cinema to approach the events in live streaming or on demand.

Thus the challenge of digital platforms, who have developed new entertainment methods to recreate the magic of live events by creating formats designed for the vertical screen. First among all TikTokwhich gave birth to new digital tools to foster a direct connection between the public and the artist, thus satisfying the new needs of the art and music sector.

Thus the immersive experiences of TikTokreal shows with scenography with attention to the smallest details and narration always in line with the trends of the platform.

Live streaming has in fact become a way to establish a direct connection between artists / creators and the audience of the platform: according to TikTok, since 2021 the number of people watching live has doubled.

Hyper-realistic events

Launched in 2021, LIVE Events has introduced new features that facilitate the work of Content Creators: each profile can program, manage and promote LIVE videos, allowing musicians, artists, non-profit organizations and museums to organize virtual appointments and involve thousands of people at the same time.

To help hosts focus on entertainment and community engagement, TikTok allows them to assign a trusted person to help them manage the stream by tapping ‘Settings’ on the right side of the livestream launch screen. During the LIVE, both the host and the person who helps him can silence and block users to keep the stream welcoming and civil.

For their part, viewers can easily find out, register, receive notifications and a reminder when LIVE is about to start. Furthermore, with LIVE Q&A, the public can interact with the artists in real time, thus creating aimmersive and hyper-realistic experience.

The case studies that made history

One of the first artists to create an interactive event on TikTok was The Weekend with its The Weeknd Experience, an XR musical experience – short for “cross reality” – went online on 7 August 2020 in the United States, reaching more than 2 million total views with 275,000 viewers connected in live streaming at the same time. Also, the hashtag #TheWeekndEXP got more than 1.3 billion views.

It was then to break his record Ed Sheeran with 5.5 million spectators registered during the live streaming on 25 June 2021, on the occasion of the Uefa EURO 2020 championship. The show, staged at Portman Road, the stadium of the Ipswich Town football team, was streamed to globally on its TikTok channel.

The groundbreaking show was conceived and filmed specifically for the TikTok audience. From a stage designed and tailored to be native to vertical video, the show combined groundbreaking special effects, a mobile phone on stage that Ed used to speak directly to the audience, plus augmented reality that changed with each song and it blended with the background of the football stadium.

But not only. It was also organized behind the scenes with David Beckhamregistering 150 million views.

Last, but only for historical proximity, the Live concert by Camila Cabello for the presentation of his latest album “Familia”, which went online on April 7, 2022.

Streaming, from the name “Familia: Welcome to the Family”Was conceived as a fantastic journey into the artist’s mind, with changing sets and costumes designed to accompany the messages conveyed in the songs. The performance was created with the help of XR, who amplified Camila’s singing and choreography with immersive visual effects.

Left aired on his TikTok profilethe event recorded about 15 million views with more than 4.8 billion views on the hashtag #CamilaCabello.

The case studies that have made the history of social networks with

The case studies that have made the history of social media with
live broadcasts

Not just music

As a global entertainment platform, TikTok not only celebrates music, but the expression of creativity and the arts in general, enabling communities to discover culture in every corner of the world.

In fact, on May 18, 2021, the platform organized a Live museum with the initiative #MuseumMomentbringing together some of the world’s most iconic institutions for the first time in a one-day global event.

The TikTok cultural Live guided users in the virtual visit of 23 museums in 12 different countries of the world, starting from the National Gallery in Singapore and then passing through Israel, Japan, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany , United Kingdom and United States, and then concluded in Mexico. The #MuseumMoment was streamed live via TikTok for Good, TikTok’s global hub of social impact content.

Among the activities of the event, AR filters were implemented, which gave life to an engaging experience for the guests of the Palace of Versailles, where it was possible to come to life in the role of Queen Marie Antoinette. From music to art, TikTok Live has revolutionized the way we consume content entertainment and cultural. But what will happen now that the doors of concerts and live performances have been reopened?

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