Iconic Dinosaur Movies

The fascination for the dinosaurs it has spread to almost all spaces: scientific, cultural, media, popular and others.

The Cinema industry has not been left behind, without skimping efforts no budgets, constantly produces films Y short films about these emblematic prehistoric animals.

Some are aimed at children, others contain elements that make them suitable only for adults, perhaps due to the crudeness with which they expose the possible consequences of the fantastic clash between man and these popular, but lethal, ancient inhabitants of the earth. .

We are going to take a tour of some films where the main characters are dinosaurs. We will classify them into movies for adults and movies for children.


One of the most viewed and commented on is undoubtedly Jurassic Park. It premiered in 1993. It was nominated for three Oscars, in the categories of special effects, best sound and best sound adaptation.

Theme: An old man with a lot of money creates a theme park, with amusements and animals, of course, the animals are dinosaurs. Due to a mishandling of the security elements, the dinosaurs escape from the protection fences and the action begins.

Director: Steve Spielberg.

Representative dinosaurs: Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Saurolophus, Spinosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Apatosaurus, Torvosaurus, and a whole series of carnivores.

Classification: adult movie, full of violence and death because of dinosaurs. The entire saga of these films is governed by the same violent and destructive theme.


Considered a horror film with an illogical and fanciful plot, this feature film addresses the issue of laboratory-created viruses and their dire consequences. It premiered in 1993.

Theme: a disease created in a laboratory by a scientist who manipulates the DNA of dinosaurs, contaminates the inhabitants of a small North American city. As a result, women conceive dinosaurs and die when they are born.

An alcoholic guard who takes care of a headquarters of environmental defenders, realizes the cause of the situation and after a series of coordinated actions, together with the intervention of the army, manages to stop the advance of the disease.

Director: adam simon

Representative dinosaurs: Deynonychus, Tyrannosaurus.

Classification: horror and adventure film, science fiction, recommended for adults, for its violent plot full of death and destruction.

dinosaur movies for kids

The interest generated by the media about the life of dinosaurs feeds the imagination of adults and children.

This reality does not escape the film studios that produce animated films, generally considered material for children’s use. Many tapes have been made about dinosaurs, we will now walk through some of those stories.

In search of the enchanted valley

This beautiful story shows how with a good disposition you can break down barriers that prevent communication between various groups.

Despite being of different genders, and the existence of a law that prevented treatment between individuals of different races, these families affected by the same calamity, were able to resolve their differences to face the problem that was presented to them together.

It is noteworthy that the real protagonists are the little ones dinosaurs who formed an unbreakable bond of friendship without seeing any difference between them. It premiered in 1989.

Theme: Due to the scarcity of grass and leaves, various herds of herbivorouss are forced to leave their homes to move to fertile areas. Their hope was to find the great valley they had heard about, described as a paradise where food and nourishment abounded. Only there could they prosper and live in peace.

The story revolves around a little Apatosaurus, who at the beginning of the journey loses his mother, due to the attack of a tyrannosaurus rexwho wants to eat both on foot and her friend Cera.

Extremely saddened by the death of his mother, the little boy must face the separation from his grandparents because an untimely earthquake created an abyss and separated the members of the herds and destroyed others.

He meets other little ones in a similar situation to his, and they form a strange herd, of five different species, who put aside any possible quarrel between them, and only care about achieving a common goal: finding their relatives.

The pack is formed by Patito, a Saurolophus; petri, a Pterosaur; Spikes, Stegosaurus; wax one triceratops and Piecito, a Apatosaurus.

Together they carry out teamwork, while piecito guides the group to the enchanted valley following his mother’s instructions. After suffering continuous attacks from T-Rex, they all manage to reunite with their families and hug each other, swearing to ignore the rules of non-acceptance and to be friends forever.

Director: Don Bluth.

Representative dinosaurs: Apatosaurus, Triceratops, Saurolophus, Pteranodon, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Classification: animated film suitable for children. With few scenes of explicit violence

Arlo’s journey

‘Arlo’s Journey’, promotional poster for the film. Credit: Pixar

Set 65 million years ago, this animated film that has caught the taste of children and adults, is based on the possibility of coexistence between dinosaurs and humans, assuming that the cataclysm did not occur, which caused the mass extinction of the largest prehistoric beings that have inhabited the earth. It shows the adaptation process that could have occurred between man and the huge lizards, for collusion on earth. It premiered in 2015.

Theme: a family of Apatosaurus lives on a farm with her three children, the youngest arlodoes not adapt well to jobs and obligations.

For this reason, he can never leave his mark on the family corn silo, a privilege enjoyed by his brothers, who are always up to date with their work.

Henry the Apatosaurus father decides to help his son, and gives him the guard of the silo, also mounts a trap to hunt. In it falls a little boy caveman, but Arlo doesn’t have the heart to kill him, and frees him.

The father is furious when he finds out and forces him to go with him in pursuit of the little boy, but a sudden storm sweeps Arlo away, Henry saves him, but he perishes.

One day Arlo sees the caveman and blaming him for his tragedy, he chases him, very upset, they both fall into a river and the little dinosaur loses consciousness and is trapped in a stone. When he wakes up he realizes that the caveman rescued him and brought him food.

Spot, which is the name of the child, confesses that he is an orphan. They undertake a series of adventures to take Arlo to his home, and suffer attacks from different carnivorous dinosaurs, but with the help of others they manage to flee.

Finally, Arlo arrives at his home and when Spot is accepted by a tribe of menThey say goodbye with tears.

Director: Peter Sonn.

Representative dinosaurs: Apatosaurus, Velociraptor, Agathaumas Ludodactylus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Nyctosaurus and others.

Classification: fiction and adventure film, suitable for children and the general public.

The desire of the human being to know the way of life of the dinosaurs, who preceded us millions of years ago, encourages the predilection for this type of feature films, based on these wonderful creatures.

We do not know what purpose they served in their passage through the earth, but we are sure that they left a legacy and that there is the possibility of new discoveries, which will undoubtedly provide us with important information about their life and customs.

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