“I wish I had used it more”

Thor: Love and Thunder, Tessa Thompson talks about the Thunderbolt of Zeus (Russell Crowe) and admits: “I wish I had used it more.”

The July 6 will be released in theaters Thor: Love and Thunderthe fourth chapter dedicated to the adventures of God of Thunder interpreted by Chris Hemsworth. In the film, in addition to the return of Natalie Portman how Jane Foster (who will be able to lift the Mjolnir), we will review Jaimie Alexander in the role of Lady Sif (after the absence in Thor: Ragnarok) And Chris Pratt in the role of Peter Quill / Star-Lordalong with the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

During a promotional interview granted exclusively to Brandon Davis from ComicBook.com, Tessa Thompson talked about the fighting style of Valkyrie in Thor: Love and Thunder and his new weapon, the Thunderbolt – call Thunderbolt in original – of Zeus (Russell Crowe). After admitting to having wanted to use the weapon more in the filmthe actress told a funny anecdote about the de The gladiator:

There will be some new moves. I have to be honest, I didn’t like the fact of… I wish I had more time. Valkyrie doesn’t spend as much time as she would like with the Thunderbolt, but it was a lot of fun. Hope to Russell [Crowe] don’t mind if I say this, but it’s great when he uses it obviously because it’s his weapon so he’s learned to handle it. Sometimes he would rehearse out of my trailer and watch him practice, which was really fun. It also reminded me of when I first played Valkyrie, when I was training for the role with my sword. I took it everywhere and practiced. So it was very sweet to see Russell win a tennis kilt and practice his skills. “

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