how to create the perfect guardian to protect your home

Home and/or village protection in Minecraft is no laughing matter. Everything is joy and fun until two creepers turn your house into choca pic. You can opt for defensive measures like torches and a lava pit, but you can also live in style and craft an Iron Golem as your bodyguard. That’s possible? I tell you how to do it.

Iron Golem in Minecraft: your new best friend

Crafting an Iron Golem requires x36 iron ingots Y x1 Carved Pumpkin. Remember that iron ingots are made by processing the iron in the furnace. Then put the ingots on the crafting table and craft x4 Iron Blocks (x9 Iron Ingot = x1 Iron Block).

The pumpkin is a rare block that appears on grass in any biome. To make it functional, you need to put it on a crafting table next to a torch and you will get a carved or Halloween or Light up pumpkin.

minecraft golem 1

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Lastly, mount the Golem. Make a T with the Iron Blocks (three on top of one sitting on the ground) and the pumpkin in the top center area of ​​the T. You should be left with a doll. Make sure to make it in an open place with space. Clean the grass from the ground too.

you summon a Passive Iron Golem towards players and neutral towards other creatures. It attacks if attacked and attacks hostile creatures like zombies and creepers. It will crack as it takes damage. Give him iron ingots to repair it.

Lastly, you can set him free around your house or a village, or keep him tied up. If you opt for the latter option, it will not be able to be unleashed and will attack enemies whenever it can. In the official wiki you can see the detailed behavior of the Iron Golem.

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