how is the relationship between Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman


The protagonists of Thor: Love and Thunder will meet again on screen after many years. How did this affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe actor?

How is the relationship between Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman?
© MarvelHow is the relationship between Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman?

The next July 8 will be released in all theaters Thor: Love and Thunderthe fourth God of Thunder film in the framework of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although it will have the presence of a great star of the superhero franchise, as it is Chris Hemsworththe focus is also on the return of Natalie Portman, which will turn Jane Foster into The Mighty Thor. How is the relationship between both Hollywood figures?

It was in 2011 when, under the direction of Kenneth Brangh, the pair made their screen debut to tell the story of one of the original Avengers. Since then, all kinds of rumors have surfaced about their relationship. It is that, while some assure that they fell in love on the set, many others insist that there was a conflict. However, the truth is that they have a beautiful friendship and share much more than what is seen on the Marvel screen.

In 2013, the phenomenon was repeated and they worked together on Thor: The Dark Worldwhich was directed by alan taylor. Here one of the first conflicts appeared: originally, the director was going to be Patty Jenkins and Portman was very excited to be involved in the first superhero movie directed by a woman. When she finally walked away from the project, the actress was somewhat disappointed and – taking advantage of the fact that she would take a break from acting to take care of her children – she walked away from Marvel.

In this sense, it did not appear in Thor: Ragnarökdirected by Taika Waititi. But when she received the proposal to return to Thor: Love and Thunder and play a heroine, Natalie Portman did not hesitate for a second. How did Chris Hemsworth feel about it? In dialogue with Variety he maintained: “The first time I saw her as The Mighty Thor it was a stab at my egobut I quickly got over it and was very amazed at all that she has done”.

Although more than 10 years have passed since that first meeting, the chemistry is still intact and they have an excellent relationship when the cameras turn off. In fact, during the filming of this latest production in Australia, the children of both figures began studying at the same school. In addition, she maintains an excellent relationship with Elsa Patakythe wife of the protagonist who was in charge of acting as his double in the great scene of the kiss of Thor: The Dark World when the protagonist of the black swan I had scheduling problems.

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