He stole the show! Piojo Herrera made her the referee and consulted the VARMediotiempo

Monterey, NL /

tigers male and female made history this Wednesday by training together and throwing a shell, and in it not only Nahuel Guzman he was the funny man at practice, this time the show stole him Michael Herrera.

El Paton As always, he was looking to do his thing, in one he took the ball from Andre-Pierre Gignac and he juggled the ball and then dominated it, causing the laughter and amazement of the fans.

However, the show was the LouseWell, on the other side of the field, Miguel was the referee and scored a maximum penalty.

The goalkeeper in charge of stopping the shot was his midfielder John Paul Vigon, who managed to lean to his right to stop the ball; It was there that the show came, because Herrera has complained so much about the referees and the VAR who now took his role.

El Piojo pretended to go to consult the VARbefore the supposed claims of Vigón, and after a few seconds, Herrera decreed that the shot should be repeated from 11 steps because it had moved before.

And again, Vigón shined; he leaned to his left side and again saved the penalty, showing great skills for this position. In the end, it was a great anecdote where the Piojo wanted to joke with this action.

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