Gallos Blancos breaks the silence and clears up all the rumors that surround him

Rodrigo Ares de Parga / White Roosters
Rodrigo Ares de Parga / White Roosters

It seems that clarity has come to roosters Whites. Something that has been asked of both the club and everyone involved in this mess. By saying imbroglio we refer to all the doubts and series of rumors that arose as a result of that March 5, when a pitched battle between “animation groups” left a balance of 26 wounded.

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That is why the Queretaro team decided to clarify one of the rumors that presumed its possible financial crisis, and therefore, its possible exit from the state: the debt to the players. A note from the Mediotiempo portal indicated that there was a I owe both in the men’s and women’s branch of the albiazul team.

Given this note, it was still presumed that the team owed its players a month off. Until now, Female White Roosters presented a release official in which he clarifies to all the media and the general public that there is no such debtclarifying that the contracts are paid for 10 months, excluding January and July:

Gallos Blancos affirms that it is a common practice

The women’s statement also clarified that this practice is something common in world football. Given the official version, what was published a week ago regarding the debt to the soccer players can be left in doubt, but the truth is that the team to this day does not owe the women’s team a penny.

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