Fortnite leaves a new mark of the collaboration with Stranger Things

The development of collaborations in the universe of Fortnite is unmatched compared to any other video game as the Epic Games title has shown in recent years and from so many appearances it seems logical to imagine a more first level with the second part of Season 4 of stranger things after analyzing the leaks and seeing what the map is becoming.

The trail of footprints on the map of Fortnite It is usually the first internal message of the evolution of the next collaborations of the game or at least it is the sensation repeated for weeks when knowing in the internal data that there were certain keywords related to stranger thingsmore specifically with the character of Eleven.

From there the rumors multiplied until imagining a new collab between Battle Royale and Netflix fiction but a little less than 24 hours after the premiere of the series there is still nothing official in terms of press releases, but there is a little nod inside of the game that transports any player to the Upside Down of Hawkins.

In the last hours, some users have found in some house the famous clock of Nancy Wheeler’s house where the action is centered in the last episode of season 4, and the link also with the trees of the Upside Down reveals that Fortnite somehow it is starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together to prepare for the event (or so we want to believe).

The tracks around the clock cry out for collaboration with stranger things clearly considering that the environment seems to be the same as the last episodes of Season 4 Volume 1, but the truth is that it is quite strange that only 24 hours after the premiere of the new episodes there is still no green light no confirmation.

Perhaps this detail of the clock with the world’s famous tree trunks upside down is just a nod to that brilliant past in which Hopper and the Demogorgon were part of the game’s skins a few years ago, so everything remains in the hands whether the in-game madness in the next few hours is amplified to the point of offering this long-awaited Fortnite x stranger things.

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