Fortnite leaks a new map location that will arrive with update 21.20

There was a time when the leaker community of Fortnite it filtered everything that had to do with the future content of the game. However, things deflated a bit when Epic Games it changed some guts of the game and dataminer tools weren’t as useful anymore. And don’t ask me why but i have a feeling things are picking up again. And, if I say this, it is because of the idea that the latter have returned to the fray to reveal important news about Fortnite that are not yet available in the game.

These last ones go from future battle royale crossovers until new contents that will arrive in future updates of Fortnite; this second group being the one I come to focus on here. Next, I leave you with all the data of the latest leak that has emerged Regarding one of the contents that would arrive with patch 21.20 of the game:

  • The leak in question comes through the dataminer known as HYPEX on Twitter
  • This ensures that a new location will soon arrive on the map of Fortnite
  • This would come to replace the temple of Indiana Jones
  • the place in question It will receive the name of The Tower and will most likely arrive in the game with its new update 21.20

If we do the math, the most logical thing is to think that the aforementioned patch reaches Fortnite starting next July 5, so we should see this new location from that day on the game map. I will keep you informed with any news that arises in this regard.

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