Fortnite: How to get free skin with Fall Guys?

A collaboration between both Epic Games games rewards the Battle Royale community with exclusive content.

Epic Games continues to surprise the Fortnite community with a lot of content for them to have fun when playing. The developer goes beyond pop culture and has prepared a collaboration between its different games, which will allow players to get exclusive rewards. In the battle royal you can get free skin with Fall Guys and here we explain how.

A couple of weeks ago, Epic Games released Fall Guys making players no longer have to pay for the title. What better way to promote your title that was a sensation during the summer of 2021, than with a new event combining the communities of your different games.

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Starting this June 29, the Clash of Crowns event will be available in Fall Guys, which will allow players to earn rewards in Fortnite by completing missions. Actually, they are quite simple to fulfill and it will only be enough to play the title of the colorful characters.

Missions to get free skin in Fortnite with Fall Guys

I survivedand 10 rounds in Fall Guys

  • 300 Commendations -Fall Guys
  • Graffiti Stacked -Fortnite
  • Banner Colorful Canines – Rocket League

Survive 40 rounds in Fall Guys

  • 500 Commendations – Fall Guys
  • Emote Stacked With Love -Fortnite
  • Topper Colorful Canines – Rocket League

Survive 70 rounds in Fall Guys

  • 800 Commendations – Fall Guys
  • Sweet Clementine Pickup Tool – Fortnite
  • Rare Med Wheels – Rocket League

Survive 100 rounds in Fall Guys.

  • 1200 Commendations – Fall Guys
  • Skin Major Mancake – Fortnite
  • Fallout Accelerator – Rocket League

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As you can see, the rewards available not only include Fortnite but also Rocket League content. To complete a game of Fall Guys you must play approximately six rounds, but it is not that complicated a task and the number of games will be reduced a lot according to your performance in the game.

To correctly receive the rewards, it is necessary that we play with the same Epic Games account in all three games. The missions will be available until July 11, so run and enjoy while you get free skin for Fortnite with Fall Guys.

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