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The vehicles in Fortnite they are used for a variety of reasons. Players use them to escape firefights, destroy buildings, and even run over opponents. Too bad Epic Games hasn’t made it for combat, because you don’t have the ability to use weapons while driving.

Still, the developer has tasked loopers with dealing 250 damage to opponents while in a vehicle. If successful, the community Fortnite you will receive 15,000 XP as a reward.

There are two ways to approach this challenge. The first thing is to join a game in the duos, trios or squads mode. Find a vehicle and ask someone to accompany you, either as a driver or co-driver if you have a good aim. Now just get close to a rival and start shooting.

Given the Party Assist is enabled for these challenges, players will be able to easily complete them using this method. However, remember to keep an eye on the vehicle, as it can be destroyed in combat.

Another method is to join any game mode, find the right vehicle next to a cow hunter and use the mod Cow Catcher. You will only have to find the rivals and run over them to hurt them.

The best vehicles to meet the challenge of Fortnite they are Prevalent, Whiplash or Bear.

FORTNITE | How to know the value of your account

The skins of Fortnite They are cosmetic elements that can reach several thousand dollars in specialized forums and everything always on the Internet. While some outfits can be obtained from the Epic Games Store depending on the season, some outfits will never return to Battle Royale. This is how the skins can cost a lot for collectors.

If you’ve ever wondered about the value of your account Fortnite, there is an easy way to check it. However, please note that buying or selling accounts is against the terms and conditions.

What you should do is visit, which serves as a calculator for cosmetic items. Simply add the value of all cosmetic items to your account. Fortnite and the system will display the value in V-Bucks. After that, players can convert their V-Bucks to local currency to find out the value of the account.

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