Daughter of Paul Walker shakes the networks by sharing unpublished photos of the actor

Almost 10 years have passed since the tragic car accident that took the life of actor Paul Walker; His death not only meant a great loss for Hollywood cinema, but also for the family of the protagonist of “Fast and Furious”, who despite the time have not stopped remembering him for a single day, especially his daughter Meadow Walker.

Since that day the young woman, who is now 25 years old, has dedicated herself to keeping her father’s legacy alive, sharing some images of the time they spent together and private moments of the actor’s life.

As happened a few hours ago, when through her Instagram account, the model published a couple of unpublished photos of the interpreter of Brian O’Connor to celebrate that her father will be recognized with a star on the walk of fame, something with which that Walker used to dream of.

In the photos, a very young Paul appears smiling at the camera while drinking a smoothie and carrying a cat. “Congratulations, daddy! I know that you as a young man would never have believed it possible, I also know that you are looking with your contagious smile, feeling ashamed and grateful, ”was the moving text that he wrote at the bottom of the postcards.

“You earned this and you deserve it and more. I love you!” she finished.

Vin Diesel was one of the first to react to the news

On June 17, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced the artists who will be part of the city’s Walk of Fame in 2023. One of them will be the late actor from ‘Fast and Furious’.

As expected, Walker’s fans celebrated this decision; But one of the first to react to the news was his great friend, fellow actor Vin Diesel, who said he was proud of this achievement.

“I can’t tell you what this means. No, I’m actually doing it at our next family dinner. Tears”, he wrote on the account of the actor’s daughter, with whom he has kept in touch since the fateful accident. In fact, Diesel became the young woman’s guardian and godfather; He was even in charge of delivering her to the altar on her wedding day.

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