Criticism The final list: Chris Pratt conquers with his new series on Prime Video

Prime Video You know what targets to put your interest in. The streaming platform has been clear when it comes to producing its new and future series, choosing wisely between young adult genres such as the one embodied by the successful The Wilds or in the mystery seasoned with familiar faces as with Nine Perfect Strangers. While TheBoys lay waste to his deranged superheroes and the wheel of time serves as an advance to the expected the rings of power, july brings us the final lista thriller with much action made by Chris Pratt (Jurassic World: Dominion).

We are talking about a series that is destined to be one of the great successes of the platform this summer, becoming, if you’re lucky, a recurring card in the catalog for years to come. The production is based on the bestselling novel by Jack Carr and the next one will be released 1st of July in the Amazon service, telling us an intricate story of retired soldiers, conspiracies and murders. In Vandal Random We have already been able to see it in its entirety and we will tell you what we thought of it in our review without spoilers.

The tragic story of James Reece: a man who seeks the truth

The first thing that attracts attention when we stand in front of the final list is the snatcher and conquering style that exudes from minute one. Yes, we are used to that clich phrase, repeated by advertisers and marketing departments that the product we are going to consume or enjoy ‘it is conceived as a long film’. It is a hackneyed resource, sometimes crooked, that seeks to deceive the viewer in order to give prominence to what is about to be released or consumed by the masses. With the final list s we can say that we are facing what could be considered a clear episodic filma production well assembled, executed and divided with a certain intelligence in chapters that constantly try to break the deck while hiding their obvious and spectacular cards, demonstrating to what extent all the meat has been put on the grill with this work of fiction. A work of fiction that, like what happened to us with reacherbewitches from minute one for his stunning presentation and production design.

Chris Pratt The Final List

However, the eight episodes of the series, in which Pratt himself, Antoine Fuqua and David DiGilio are executive producers, are based on the aforementioned novel by Carr and tell us with great detail and crudeness the story of james reece (Chris Pratt) after his entire marine platoon was ambushed in a high-risk operation. Carrying a heavy trauma, Reece returns home to her family with conflicting memories and questions about your culpability in the incident. However, as new evidence comes to light, Ella Reece eventually discovers that there are dark forces that work against you, endangering not only your life, but also the lives of your loved ones.

Chris Pratt reveals his most dramatic facet

the final list presents us with the most dramatic facet of Chris Prattan actor who started out in comedy as the good-natured guy and who gradually transformed into the action figure at the center of the blockbusters more formulaic as represented by sagas like Guardians of the Galaxy or Jurassic World. However, Pratt hides a series of registers to be exploited if he is well directed and channeled, many of which were shown in the excellent Everwood, a television drama produced by Warner Bros. to claim. In any case, the special affection with which Pratt has approached the series becomes more than evident.letting himself be carried away by the tortured character of Reece, a military leader who knows that he did the right thing in the battered special operation of the Navy SEALs which gives rise to the series. Nevertheless, the actor met with Jack Carr, author of the saga of novels that inspires the fiction of Amazon Studios, and was thoroughly preparing the role. how? Well, beyond the usual military training to which he was subjected for weeks, Carr and he were meeting and dissecting the novel Once an Egaleby Anton Myrer.

Pratt Taylor The Final List

The novel, which we highly recommend, tells the story of the professional and private lives of two army officers, Court Massengale, an incompetent military man who doesn’t care about his men, and Sam Damon, a heroic and caring leader since World War I. until the end of World War II. Through different chapters, moments and war conflicts we will learn, through a notable juxtaposition of opinions and visions, the different approaches to leadership and the usual chain of command. At the deepest core of Carr’s novel, stripped of all literary devices and narrative accessories, lies this vision: honesty and defense of the truth by a leader against his men and his country.

The spiral of memories, mysteries and murders in which Reece is involved catches from minute 1

Regards Pratt The Final List

The failed operation the final list marks each and every subsequent action of Reece, who is drawn into a spiral of memories, real and fictitious, that intermingle before his eyes. The series deals with that well-known fight of man against the state and the administration, the classic David against Goliath of our days, with a soldier who thinks he’s done the right thing and constantly bumping into walls, officials, and other even more dangerous forces. There is also room for the increasingly present obsession on the part of the United States of the privatization of its armed forcespressing the keys of the mercenary and military corporations, the conspiracies related to the deep state and the forces operating behind the curtain or the use of chronification of mental health problems among veterans fighting wars in the name of freedom in distant countries. Perhaps the series does not risk as much as the novel -which is a fierce criticism of this aspect-, but it is appreciated that they have gotten wet.

the final list: An entertaining series with a great cast and a spectacular presentation

Beyond Pratt, who we stress is excellent, also we must highlight the roles of Taylor Kitsch as Ben Edwards and Constance Wu as Katie Buranek, two authentic secondary luxury that help spice up the narrative with secondary plots. As a curiosity worthy of Trivialwe also have to highlight the role of Donny Mitchell, played by Patrick Schwarzenegger, Pratt’s real-life brother-in-law, and who continues to chain small roles in Hollywood bearing one of the most mythical surnames in the film industry. But if we are left with an interesting role, it is that of Steven Horn, played by Jay Courtney, a true villain handed over to the puppet masters who operate in the shadows of this fiction. But none of this would work if the technical section made waters.

Faqua’s direction returns to its best level, showing off his best arts as a director of the action genreallowing himself the luxury of reinterpreting sequences or feelings already lived cinematographic in productions such as tears of the sun (2003), Shooter (2007) or the recent deliveries of The Equalizer. Yes, we know that he is a very irregular director, capable of the best and the worst, but in this series passes with flying colors, conferring a tangible style that is easily identifiable by the viewer. Nevertheless, not everything shines


The direction and production of Faqua, responsible for ‘The Equalizer’, is evident and adds postponing to the series

In the final list We have encountered a problem already seen in other productions, from different platforms, and genres that seems to repeat itself over and over again like the fate of the times. We talk about the duration and the obsession of streaming portals to make long series or to keep the attention of the respectable for as long as possible. Amazon fiction has eight episodesvery good balanced among them in terms of plot if we compare them with other more bloody cases, but that seem too many to us considering what they want to tell. Yes, there are passages of the novel that have been adapted in a detailed and very careful way, but we believe that the same thing could have been told with two or three fewer episodes, and the feeling of somewhat stretched product in several of its sections it flies over the entire complex on several occasions. It doesn’t bother at all but it does become apparent.

Villain Jai Courtney Final List

At first we can think that the final list is a series of action and suspense that ends up crystallizing in an entertaining mix but that does not leave any flavor on our palate. A thriller turned out that it can stand out among the aforementioned novels of jack reacher, and that, supported by the pretty face on duty and the titanic effort of an entertainment giant like Amazon to sell it, can make a certain audience or subscriber tick. Yes, it is true. However, it also has the addition of having an imposing character as the protagonist, an irreproachable off-road hero with memory problems like jason bournethe one who gave life to good old Matt Damon in the famous saga of cinematographic action that completely renewed the genre.

Pratt Final List

But at the same time we believe that there is something more, and as in the literary works of Carr -who served as a sniper in the Navy SEALs-, many readings are hidden within its entertainment proposal. It will depend on the viewer and his desire to empathize with depending on what aspects of the plot. In any case, if you have enjoyed other previous productions of a markedly warlike nature, such as those signed by the master Tom Clancy -Prime Video has several adaptations to its credit, in case you’re interested in this facet- and you’ll love them. thriller politicians with surprises and numerous twists like those shown by movies like The middle messenger and his remake, you can’t miss it. It will win you over if you can forgive those drawbacks mentioned above, such as those relating to length or structure. We promise you that linger in your memory long enough to claim and ask for a second season.

We have seen the first season of The Final List in full thanks to early access offered by Marco Agency and Amazon.

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