Complaint and expelled for life: Fernando Alonso and a scandal with the son of Nelson Piquet

After Nelson Piquet’s reprehensible statements towards Lewis Hamilton surfaced, the different details of the life of this particular character began to be known. He even made himself known as in the past he was also Fernando Alonso who linked his insults, although far from being the aberration he launched on the British Mercedes.

The Nano has never had enough time to respond to the former Brazilian driver, who is as good behind the wheel as he is obnoxious when it comes to talking. But part of there not being much affinity with Fernando Alonso It is due to what happened at the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008, a fact that involves the Spaniard and also Renault.

Piquet Jr., better known as Nelsinho, after testifying against Renault

On lap 13, Nelson Piquet Jr.’s car crashed into a wall, prompting a Safety Car to come out. This ended up benefiting the Astuarian, who took the victory thanks to the distances he shortened due to the incident, although his partner was the one who later denounced that it was his team that forced him to put his life at risk.

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