Christopher Walken joins the debate against Marvel Cinematic Universe films and cinecomics

Christopher Walken joins the debate against Marvel Cinematic Universe films and cinecomics.

In October 2019 Martin Scorsese harshly criticized the films ofUniverse Marvel Cinematic and, more generally, cinecomics stating that “Marvel movies are not cinema“And which should be considered rather”amusement parks“. The director’s stance started a veritable crusade against superhero movies that even reached filmmakers like Francis Ford Coppola, Ken Loach, Pedro Almodóvar And Ridley Scotttriggering an endless debate between fans of the genre and supporters of the alleged “real cinema.

During an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald to promote his new show, The Outlaws, Christopher Walkenfamous for winning a Oscar for the Best Supporting Actor for his role in it The hunter (1978), reflected on the current state of the film industry, providing his personal point of view on cinecomics. After admitting to never been contacted to play a character in a Marvel moviethe actor explained that in his view with the production budget of the Marvel Cinematic Universe projects, potentially dozens of small ones could be made movie:

Nobody asked me to make a Marvel movie! But I think it’s a shame that with a film costing $ 200 million, you know, dozens of smaller films could be made with that money.. And then it’s a shame that if you make a movie nowadays it’s unlikely to be seen in a cinema, unless it’s one of those big movies. Smaller films are more likely to go straight [in streaming] on the small screen. “

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