Chris Hemsworth wants to appear as Thor in Deadpool 3


Chris Hemsworth has a truly special reason for wanting to be a part of Deadpool’s next adventure, this time in the MCU. Find out everything!

thor in action
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Chris Hemsworth gave life to Thor since his admission to Marvel Cinematic Universe with the film directed by Kenneth Branagh in 2011 and never stopped with his interpretation of the powerful God of Thunder since Taika Waititi’s intervention in the film ragnarok He added humor to his characterization. In this way we are talking about one of the actors who has been in the skin of a hero for the longest time.

The Australian has been playing the god of Asgard for 11 years, but this does not reach the record of his compatriot Hugh Jackman that lasted in the role of Wolverines 17 years. now it seems that Chris Hemsworth is considering staying a few more years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to surpass the actor X Men. Although there have already been cases that surpassed Jackman: Willem Dafoe and Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Patrick Stewart in Doc Strange 2.

A god for Deadpool

talking to the journalist Ali Plumb from BBC 1 Radio the actor joked that they should prevent the Wolverines of Jackman appear in Dead Pool 3 at the same time that he admitted wanting to add to his character, Thorin the next entry of the Mercenary Mouth that will debut in the MCU being played again by Ryan Reynolds. How are you?

On the other hand, there was time for the actor to refer to his castmate in love and thunder, Natalie Portman, who returns as Jane Foster but this time is worthy of lifting the mighty hammer Mjolnir to become Mighty Thor. Hemsworth said that she didn’t need much advice to be a believable heroine, she was fantastic and worked very hard.

“A couple of times he asked me if it was like spending two months in some kind of position or something. I was honored that she asked me and I said, ‘Sure. You do a little of this and she’s done.’ But other than that, she herself had a good hand in everything. She was fantastic and worked so hard, she came in amazing shape and got us all to pick up our own performance in the best possible way”said the actor.

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