Chris Hemsworth reveals the characters of his children in the film

July 8th, Marvel Studios returns to the big screen with Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth solo adventure of the asgardian god of Chris Hemsworth, commanded by second see by Taika Waititi.

In a week we will meet again with the character, whom we have not seen since avengers:endgame, surrounded by fellow warriors like the guardians of the galaxy, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Korg (voiced by Waititi) and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who returns as Mighty Thor. Any help will be little to face Cap (Christian Bale), a villain obsessed with killing deities.

Hemsworth will also be shielded from some exceptional allies, his children, and now, the actor has revealed which characters the little ones will bring to life (via Comic Book Movie). As many assumed, one of his sons (Tristan or Sasha) will appear as the child version of the protagonist, who we see running in the trailer, while his daughter India will play a character called Love.

Does it have something to do with that Sees it What has slipped into the title of the film? If so, the little girl could have more significance than we imagined in the plot.

“Taika had his children there. Christian Bale had his children. Natalie too. My daughter was there too. She plays the character of Love…”, says the actor in the interview. In the absence of more details about the characters, Hemsworth has confessed that it has been very special to share this experience with them.

Let us remember that this is not the first time that the Australian has shared an Asgardian adventure with his family. His brother Luke Hemsworth I was already out in Thor: Ragnarök and his wife, the actress Elsa Pataky, played Jane Foster in the final scene of Thor: The Dark World.

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