Charles Surface + Rubra + JPEGr – Concert – Santander | Niagara Room – July 2

Charles Surface + Rubra + JPEGr

3 artists 3 live sets around electronics.

jpeg: After having passed through well-known posthardcore and underground postrock bands such as The Mystery Machine, The Tomb of Nicolas Cage or The Room, this drummer with more than twenty years of experience was fully introduced to electronic composition and production. For this concert, he brings us his best set: a dialogue between electronic-digital elements and acoustic drums. In other words, he comes to us with his entire arsenal to present his EP, Paraísos modulados. As if it were a long phrase that weaves together an unlimited number of details, and always with one foot in the most jazzy improvisation, this live beat ambient offers us a journey through different atmospheres and rhythm alterations: grooves, melodies, abstraction and glitch-music mark his aesthetics and sound imagery.

Charles Surface: old acquaintance of some and inexplicable unknown of many. Words fall short to describe the music of this Irish artist. A great connoisseur of “space” in musical terms, a master in managing the tension between the danceable and the contemplative, his live sets and compositions go through the ambient (non-ambient), the most wonky beats and melodies that ooze sensitivity and they evoke landscapes of dimensionless places: IDM of guaranteed quality without falling into the mannerisms and clichés of the term. Having passed through festivals like Sonar, and at the same time away from all show business and posturing, Charles Surface is probably one of the most special electronic musicians you will hear in your life, how can you miss it?

HEADING: dark electronica project where its creator (graphic designer, drummer, guitarist, dj, multifaceted artist) unfolds his densest and most magnetic sounds. His taste for psychedelia, kraut and the synthesis between electronics and instruments more closely related to rock, lead him to explore unusual areas in contemporary music. In his sets and live shows, different layers of industrial dyes are mixed that land in the ears like mantras of a bleak future and, however, open to the bell.

Doors 9:30 p.m. Start 10:00 p.m.

Ticket €8

Niagara Room

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