‘Betty, the ugly’ and everything that leaves Netflix in July

With the long-awaited releases of July, such as ‘Stranger Things 4’ and ‘Better Call Saul 6’, it is also time for some movies and series to say goodbye to the Netflix catalog.

The month of July brings many premieres to Netflix, including Stranger Things 4Better Call Saul 6, Rebel 2, The Gray Man, among others. Just as movies and series arrive that we have waited so long for, others will say goodbye to the catalog of the streaming platform. Here we leave you a list with all the contents that are going so that you have the opportunity to see them.

I am Betty the Ugly one

Sad news for soap opera fans. I am Betty, the ugly one, the Telenovela of Colombian origin that aired in 1999 and has been adapted in 28 countries, tells the story of Beatriz Aurora Pinzón Solano (Ana María Orozco). The economist, after many attempts, manages to get a job as a secretary at the Ecomoda company, where will fall in love with Don Armando (Jorge Enrique Abello), Your boss. You have until July 11 to finish the series on Netflix.

zombie station

The successful Korean horror film, directed by Yeon Sang-ho and starring Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-seok Y Jung Yu-misays goodbye to the Netflix catalog on July 1. if you want to see Seok-woo and his daughter Soo-an survive thousands of zombies while trying to reach the town of Busan, this is your last chance.


On July 7, Yesterday says goodbye to the streaming platform. From the director of Trainspotting, Danny Boylethe comic film narrates the life of the musician Jack Malick (Himesh Patel), who after a blackout and being hit by a bus, wakes up and realizes that only he remembers the Beatles.


The 2015 series, based on the popular slasher screamwill leave Netflix next July 16. A group of teenagers becomes the target of a murderer and, as the numerous cases are investigated, the secrets of the town of Lakewood will come to light.


Setback it’s a thriller starring Mario CasasBarbara Lennie and Anne Wager. A businessman wakes up next to the body of his lover, lifeless. Faced with such a traumatic event, he decides to hire a prestigious lawyer to investigate the murder.. Run to see this Spanish production directed by Oriol Paulowhich leaves on July 1.

war of the worlds

This iconic movie steven spielberg starring Tom CruiseDakota Fanning and Justin Chatwin will leave the streaming service’s catalog on July 1. Why not see once again the film based on the homonymous novel by HG Wells released in 2005?

the dark tower

Starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, this film adaptation of the literary saga The Dark Tower, by Stephen Kingsays goodbye to us next July 1. The movie caused many controversies, controversies, among them the choice of Elba as the protagonist, since that the physical features of the actor did not match the description of the character in the book.

my perfect romance

This rom-com will also leave Netflix on July 1. Starring Christopher Russell and Kimberly-Sue Murray, My Perfect Romance tells the story of Wes, who agrees to be the guinea pig for the new CEO of his company. For Valentine’s Day, Wes will test a dating algorithm to find his perfect romance..

Sweet Virginia

Sweet Virginia, directed by Jamie M. Dagg, tells the story of Sam, a former rodeo champion who now lives in retirement in a small town in Alaska. A bloody robbery disrupts his routine life and plunges him into a spiral of secrets and violence.. This drama and suspense movie leaves on the first day of July.

His Excellency Ajadi

His Excellency Ajadi, a comedic and dramatic film released in 2019, tells how a billionaire businessman runs for president, but his political campaign is not going very well, until social media helps him. July 10 is the last day you can watch this movie on Netflix.

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