Best friends! Ben Affleck’s daughter JLo’s daughter share the same style

“The last time we performed together was in a big stadium like this and I ask you to sing with me all the time. So this is a very special occasion,” said the Bronx Diva. “Elle is very very busy, she fills her agenda with reservations and she is so good, it costs me a lot when she goes out, but she is worth every penny because she is my favorite directe partner of all time, so if you allow me”, was the introduction of JLo for Emmewhom he had in 2008 with Mark Anthonywith his twin Maximilian David.

Emme she has a unique style and her own personality when it comes to dressing and wearing her green hair, something that definitely demonstrates the clear ideas of this 13-year-old girl, but she is not the only one who has stood out for that style, she has also done it seraphineher new best friend and daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. The 12-year-old teenager has also clearly marked her preferences in terms of fashion and has opted for a different way of dressing.

Although her parents have not spoken publicly about her identity, the truth is that the daughters of jlo and ben They get along very well and on several occasions have been photographed together exchanging laughs, joking and chatting.

Emme Seraphina
Emme and Seraphina

The two teenagers have opted for shorter and more casual haircuts, as well as wide and not excessively colorful garments. seraphine She has also opted for what is known as a pixie haircut that she was seen with on her graduation day.

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