Ben Affleck’s ‘daughter’ declares himself a non-binary person, just like Emme Muñiz

The people who belong to non-binary gender are those that do not fall into the category of man or woman, because their self perception and expression go beyond this social division. Reflections about his existence have gained strength thanks to his activism within the community LGBTIQA+.

A few days ago, during the benefit gala of the Dodgers Foundation, singer Jennifer Lopez he took his daughter on stage Emma Muniz, whom he introduced with neutral pronouns, thus confirming that he belonged to this sector of the population, the news soon became trend.

“The last time we performed together was in a stadium like this, I asked her all the time to sing with me, but she didn’t want to. So this is a very special occasion. She is very, very busy. They cost me a lot of money when they go out. But they’re worth every penny because it’s my favorite duet of all time.” JLo highlighted.

After this revelation, the interpreter of ‘On The Floor’ extended his support and understanding, this fact remained in the minds of many of his followers, who applauded him for acting in this way and taking everything naturally.


At the beginning of 2022, it was reported that the singer was engaged to the actor Ben Affleck, Known for playing Batman in the Cinematic Universe from DC Comics, they are known to live in the same house and take care of their stepfamily together.

This is how Affleck’s daughter called Seraphine was able to live with Emme, with whom it did not take him long to form a good relationship, since he found that he has something very important in common, since it is also non-binary.

People close to celebrities highlighted that they are very ‘good friends’, this because they have managed to live this stage of discovery in company, now they preferred to adopt a more androgynous way of dressing. Faced with this situation, their parents have decided to support them.


The binarism gender is a classification in which society is divided into two groups; men and women, this categorization is assigned according to the sexual characteristics of each person, that is, if you have penis is assumed to be male, but if born with vagina is a woman.

This segmentation is also loaded with a series of social roles that dictate behavior, attitude, sexual orientation, clothing and expression.

However, there are times when people do not fall into this category, as they are not gender-conforming. gave them at birth, that is why they are called non-binary, in this case they can use neutral pronouns, that is, ‘elle’, but they could still use ‘the’ either ‘she’, This depends on the choice of each one.

Thus, this sector of the population is part of the transgender community, something that is similar to who is gender fluid, fluctuating or queer It should be noted that these people do not fall into this definition because of the way they dress, it is just a way of expressing how they are.


JLo and Ben Affleck are not the only ones with family in this classification, there are also other celebrities who proud They presented the true identity of their sons and daughters to the media.

The daughter that the actor had Mark Ruffalo with Sunrise Coigne, called Bella Noche, he also claimed to be non-binary, and shows it constantly on his social networks.

There is also the case of the country singer Billy Ray Cyrus Well, in 2015 his daughter Miley Cyrus He declared to be part of this community, in addition, he mentioned that he is bisexual.

“We have always been very open-minded. It is about love and light. Forget the negativity and the haters. She is rocking and having a good time. What the world needs is love.” stated the American author.

the showgirl Nuirka Marcos, pointed out that her daughter Romina Marcos has always preferred to wear clothing that breaks gender stereotypes, which does not bother her and applauds her for wear what you like.

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